Horrors Unleashed: 20+ Original Monsters to Transform Your 5e Gameplay

Horrors Unleashed: 20+ Original Monsters to Transform Your 5e Gameplay

Embrace the horrors that lie within this 5e supplement and forge new legends for your TTRPG session!
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🌟 Elevate Your Adventures 🌟

Picture this: You're the Game Master, and your players are on the edge of their seats, wondering what unimaginable creature they'll encounter next. 

This is what Horrors Unleashed brings to your tabletop session - moments that surpass your wildest imaginations, where every encounter is an epic spectacle. With our handcrafted collection of 20+ monsters, you'll be able to transcend the ordinary and embark on adventures that resonate deep within the hearts of your players. Elevate your campaigns to new heights, where every battle is a symphony of excitement, and every monster is a masterpiece of intrigue.

Say goodbye to predictable encounters. Horrors Unleashed empowers you to infuse your stories with creatures that not only challenge your players' skills but also ignite their imaginations. These monsters aren't just stat blocks; they're key players in your narrative, and they'll forever be etched into the tales your group tells.

Prepare to unleash adventures that will have your players on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting what extraordinary challenge—and indelible memory—awaits them next.


🎲 Forge New Legends 🎲

Imagine the hushed conversations around campfires, where your players share tales of facing the horrific creature you introduced—the creature that stood as a beacon of challenge and wonder in their adventure. With our meticulously crafted collection of 20 monsters, you're not just adding foes to your campaign; you're crafting legends that will resonate long after the dice have been rolled and the campaign has concluded.

These are the creatures that will shape your players' perceptions of the world you've woven—a world where every encounter is a memorable experience and every battle carries the weight of epic narrative. 

From the chilling whispers of a shadowy specter that haunts ancient ruins to the earth-shaking footsteps of a colossal guardian defending forbidden treasures, Horrors Unleashed grants you the tools to evoke emotions, spark curiosity, and create battles that will be recounted for generations. These are the moments where the line blurs between reality and fantasy, where your players are fully immersed in the stories they're co-creating, and where your campaign evolves from a series of encounters into a truly legendary saga.

With Horors Unleashed, you're not just collecting monsters; you're sculpting experiences, crafting memories, and breathing life into adversaries that will stand as milestones in your campaign's narrative journey. These are the creatures that will inspire awe, elicit cheers, and leave a lasting mark on the tales your group weaves together.

Prepare to forge new legends that will echo through time, ensuring that your adventures are never forgotten, always cherished, and forever a source of inspiration for countless campaigns yet to come.


🏆 Campaign Rewards 🏆

This sourcebook contains 20 original monsters, crafted for our own campaigns, now given to you to use! Each monster comes with its own lore so you can understand it and stat block so you can play it!

Tier 1 ($4) - Narrator

  • You will receive the  PDF of this sourcebook. 

Tier 2 ($8)- Noble!

  • You will receive the  PDF of this sourcebook. 
  • As thanks for your extra support, your username will be written in the PDF's Credit Section. 

Tier 3 ($30)- Designer

  • You will receive the  PDF of this sourcebook. 
  • As thanks for your extra support, your username will be written in the PDF's Credit Section. 
  • You will describe a monster that you have in mind. (it can be anything as long as it is appropriate) We will work on it, then when all monsters from this Tier are finished, everyone from Tier 3 will receive an extra PDF with all of the monsters created!


🐉 Why 20+ and not 20? 🐉

It is simple!

For every 1000 € this campaign gathers, we will be adding 1 more monster to the PDF!

So join us now, and let the journey begin!

📜About Us📜

We are a team of veteran tabletop RPG players who have decided to share our work with the community. We have done so in the past through Dmsguild.com, some of our works even reaching Gold Seller!

We have been playing 5e since the release of DND Next and fell in love with it. We are very excited to share our ideas with you and cannot wait to hear your thoughts about it!

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