BackerKit FAQ

How does BackerKit crowdfunding work?

Crowdfunding is a collaborative way to bring ideas and projects to life. Project creators post their idea for a project, and backers pledge money to make the project possible. Backers get behind the scenes access and backer-only rewards, which can include exclusive products, special pricing, creative input, content, and more.

To become a backer, select a pledge level that features the reward(s) you would like to receive when the project is successfully completed and make your contribution.

All-or-nothing crowdfunding model: The creator sets a funding goal and a deadline to raise funds. If the project does not meet the goal by the deadline, backers credit cards are not charged and no money changes hands.

Crowdfunding projects can happen at various stages of the creative process. Make sure to check the estimated timeline of when rewards will be delivered. Project creators will keep you updated on the progress toward completion and delivery of your rewards.

Backing a crowdfunding campaign is not the same as purchasing an item from a store. When you back a campaign you are supporting the creation of something new. Rewards are almost always delivered, but are not guaranteed.

When will I be charged for my pledge?

Your payment method will not be charged right away. You will be charged for the amount of your pledge when the campaign ends and the project reaches its funding goal. You will not be charged if the campaign does not reach its funding goal.

What happens after the campaign is over?

The Creator will send out a survey that will ask you for more information about your pledge, your shipping information, additional items you may want to add to your pledge, and collect shipping fees if applicable.

The survey will be sent to the email address we have on file with your pledge.

Any additional payment will be charged when you complete your survey and confirm your order.

Project FAQ

What countries will you ship to?

I will be shipping these decks to the following countries ONLY: United States Australia Brazil Canada France Mexico United Kingdom Italy Spain Germany I am in the US (California) and can only ship to the countries listed above - I will not be able to send your book if you choose the wrong shipping location or answer the campaign's subsequent survey with a mismatched country for your chosen shipment.

Is there any use of AI / ChatGPT / etc. in this campaign? (No)

NO. The writing and art on this campaign is created and written myself. All of my art is either hand-drawn in real life or hand-painted in Photoshop. I am the only artist / writer on my projects and the writing is also a labor of love - I am very passionate about tarot and astrology, and art, and I enjoy the process of making things :)

Can I know more details about the monsters, monster people, and animal people in the decks?

Sure! The monsters are all based on mature adult body types, with an emphasis on diversity. The gender of the characters presented is up to the reader. The characters are classically nude and rendered in non-explicit art (no genitalia). The art is meant to be timeless but strikingly cool.

What else can you use these cards for? Tarot isn't my thing but I love the design of these decks.

As a card deck containing four suits and 52 cards in the Minor Arcana (when excluding the Knight cards), the Men Plus Monsters Tarot, Terato Tarot, and Divine Animal Tarot also make rather handsome poker decks! Poker decks can be used to play hundreds of different kinds of card games - if you're not into divination, taking out the Major Arcana and the Knight cards results in a very unique and very playable new addition to your poker deck collection! The Celestial Animal Oracle Deck has a very comprehensive guidebook on the Lunar Zodiac and Sun Signs in astrology, and makes for a fun and informative read on it's own.

When will I get my decks?

If this project is fully funded, the end of February 2024. (by the tarot deck printer's estimate) All card art is completely finished! Now all that's left is to fund the tarot decks - I have made several tarot decks with guidebooks before and I've worked with all of my manufacturing providers before. :)

How are you shipping the decks and add-ons?

In discreet plain white boxes, with bubble wrap cushioning the decks and add-ons inside so that they don't get damaged in transit. My decks are a standard tarot size, and these boxes are a little bigger than that. One of my biggest priorities in producing physical copies of my art and books over the years has been their safety during shipping. My shop has been praised for it's secure shipping over the years, so I'm confident your decks and add-ons will arrive safely. I plan on using USPS Ground Advantage Shipping for most domestic orders, and I will have to use other kinds of shipping for heavier packages or international ones to reduce shipping costs. I will NOT be using Media Mail, as tarot cards and books are prohibited from being sent with that service, and every time I have received packages from other campaigns that have used Media Mail, they have been inspected and opened, and damaged / dirtied in the process. Shipping will be collected after the campaign to ensure accurate and as-inexpensive-as-possible shipping prices.

Can I know more about the Canadian / international shipping prices / possible customs fees?

Shipping will be collected after the campaign to ensure accurate and as-inexpensive-as-possible shipping prices. I've shipped hundreds of decks to several international customers, and I always take great care to ship them safely. Please note that you will have to be responsible for customs fees, should they arise. I have done my best to reduce shipping costs as much as possible without sacrificing the safety of the books and backer rewards in transit.

Have you crowdfunded / printed tarot decks before?

Yes - I have printed and self-published several full-color books, four full 78-card tarot decks, a 24-card oracle deck, shipped out more than 1500 orders all over the world throughout the years with my shop Men Plus Monsters, and I am very experienced with full-color printing of all kinds of items beyond books and tarot. I have printed over 30 independently-published visual art projects through crowdfunding on various platforms, including everything from comic books, to art books, to my other tarot decks and their guidebooks! :) This is my first project campaign solely on BackerKit though.

How did you get into tarot? I thought you only did comics!

I've had a lifelong interest in the symbolism of tarot, and I decided after several years of reading decks that others gave to me to finally make my own deck. The Men Plus Monsters Tarot Deck was my first self-published tarot deck in 2020, and the Terato Tarot Deck was made just after it! In 2022, I also printed the Divine Animal Tarot Deck and Celestial Animal Oracle Deck! I love the process of combining my interest in tarot and symbolism with my art, and it's cool to make all kinds of stuff that interests me :)

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