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Saga of the West Wind - Venti, the Anemo Archon

Saga of the West Wind - Venti, the Anemo Archon

A Genshin Impact-inspired enamel pin project, focused on creating dynamic depictions of the story we follow in-game, starting with Venti.
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Pintopia 2023

This project is part of Pintopia 2023, which runs from January 17th - February 7th 2023. Learn more â†’


Welcome to Saga of the West Wind! In this campaign, we're excited to bring you the first installment of a new series - our first foray into Genshin pins, featuring a set of companion pins inspired by the tales surrounding the Anemo Archon, Barbatos (or, as the mortals know him now, Venti).

With our pins, we often try for deluxe and dynamic designs with fine-tuned detailing. In each of the panels, you can see a bit of the Anemo Archon's past and present, styled into a harp.

  • The Right Harp: Endless Echoes - Barbatos as a spirit, along with Dvalin, perched in Old Mondstadt
  • The Left Harp: Symphony of Boreal Winds - Barbatos as Venti, the travelling bard, along with the windmills of the city
  • The Center Harp: Horizon of Dandelion - Barbatos in his Anemo Archon form

This campaign will be available from January 17th to February 7th.

Below are the designs of the three designs we're featuring in the campaign. These were inspired by the lore of the game, where you see Barbatos as a spirit, then take the form of his friend, and then take on the disguise as the mortal bard Venti. His story is one that represents freedom, and hopefully these pins tell his tale!

They can be displayed standalone or as a set - each will have three pegs on the back, in gold plating (made of zinc metal). Some elements in the central design may glow to reflect the anemo power.


In this pin campaign, we are only offering three pin designs. The pin is designed in three sections (left, central, and right), where the full design represents the Holy Lyre der Himmel which, in the game is the lyre that the Anemo Archon Barbatos used to play. The pins can be obtained and displayed separately, or all together.

There are two main pledge levels in the campaign - for one of the three pins of your choice, or the full set at a discount. NOTE: If you snag an early bird spot, it is the same as the other tiers, but slightly cheaper overall.

Goals for the campaign will be simple - stickers (same design as the pin) and a microfiber cloth.

  • $1,100 - Funding for minimums for 3 pins.
  • $3,000 - A random metallic vinyl sticker of one of each of the panels added in
  • $5,000 - A free microfiber cloth to all full set orders (optional add-on for single pin orders)

Shipping will be collected after the campaign completes with the survey/add-on process. All items will be shipping from the locations in Ohio, and anything international will be declared as required by law.

Insurance can be added to any package for a $5 increase to package costs (this will be processed during the survey stage). 

Below are the shipping rates for the major countries for a single pin package (anything larger may have slight weight adjustments internationally). Slight adjustments may happen to the breakdown below according to final cost estimates with our carriers.

  • United States (domestic): $5
  • Canada: $11
  • Mexico: $12
  • Asia-Pacific/SEA: $12
  • UK: $10
  • EU: $11

Jan. 17 to Feb. 7 - Funding Campaign
Feb. 12th - Surveys sent out
Feb. 27th - Credit cards charged (for anything additional)
March 1 - Orders placed for designs (to quantity)
March 1 to Aug. 1 - Estimated Production 
(Please Note: These are deluxe designs which means that they can take 6+ months to manufacturer, so it can take a long time to get right with a multitude of effects and many sample passes. Expect a wait, but we'll always fulfill these pins! Thankfully it is a smaller number of pins and thus will have a smaller hold period for any pins, and if things are finished earlier, we will release them earlier.
Aug. 1 to Aug. 15 - Shipping to US
Aug. 15 to Aug. 31 - Preparing for Shipment / Grading
Sept. 1 - Shipping begins

Thank you for checking out our newest project! You're more than welcome to check out our other pins and projects on our store, Instagram and Twitter. You're also welcome to join our lovely pin (and art) community in Discord!

Mel & Sara (Alchemy) - The adventuring team behind Alchemy Art. We've done potentially way too many pins over the years, and continue to find trouble to get into (as quickly as possible). Most recently, we finished up a campaign for DnD cats named Purrtagonists with blushsprout and Chocolate Raisin Fury, and we host a monthly Patreon pin club (that will be starting a dragon line on March 1).

Jess (Thunderpot) - One of Alchemy's longest running artist-friends! She tapped in for the concepting of this gorgeous pin.


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