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I, DRAGON (Book 1) by JUAN GIMÉNEZ (The Metabarons, Heavy Metal)

I, DRAGON (Book 1) by JUAN GIMÉNEZ (The Metabarons, Heavy Metal)

"I, DRAGON", the last creation of the late Juan Giménez (The Metabarons, Heavy Metal) is getting published for the first time in English! CAMPAIGN EXCLUSIVE ITEM: a variant cover by Salvador Sanz!
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Alien Books proudly presents "I, Dragon: The End of Genesis," the first volume in a stunning trilogy by the late Juan Gimenez, co-creator of the legendary METABARONS. Travel back in time to the year 1280 in which almost everything is the same as we know it: palace intrigues, heritage's disputes, a traveling carnival...except, there's also dragons! 

This extraordinary trilogy will be released in the coming months, with each 56-page volume priced at $12.99. But you have the chance to join our journey and support this project at a much lower price!
By backing our exclusive crowdfunding campaigns, you can enjoy discounted prices, unique rewards not available in stores, and a crowdfunding-exclusive cover by the talented Salvador Sanz (cover artist of Rai: The Book of the Darque and creator of the fan-favorite Angela Della Morte).

Your support is crucial. It will help cover part of the printing costs and ensure that this final masterpiece by a legendary artist reaches a global audience. Together, we can bring "I, Dragon: The End of Genesis" to life and celebrate the legacy of Juan Gimenez.



"I, Dragon: The End of Genesis" plunges readers into the darkest hours of Rosentall Castle, besieged by an army led by a descendant of a lost royal line. As a bloody struggle for power begins, a mysterious carnival woman inside the castle gives birth to her first child.

Here are some panels of I, Dragon, by Juan Giménez:



Juan Gimenez, a master of sci-fi and medieval fantasy, is best known for his work on The Metabarons, an epic tale combining realism with knightly stories. His meticulous art brought this series to life, captivating readers worldwide.

Gimenez's final project, "I, Dragon," was originally published in Spanish and French between 2011 and 2016. Now, for the first time, Alien Books is honored to bring this masterpiece to English-speaking readers.

Juan Giménez and his unforgettable creation THE METABARONS

His most famous work is The Metabarons, written by Alejandro Jodorowsky and published by Les Humanoïdes Associés. A science fiction comic that tells the story of a dynasty of warriors. Giménez worked on the series from 1992 to 2003, when the main arc was completed.

After working on sci-fi for so long, Giménez desired to take up some personal projects. And that’s how I, Dragon, a medieval fantasy, came to be. It was published in Spanish and French between 2011 and 2016.

Juan Giménez died in April 2020. He was one of the first confirmed deaths by COVID-19 in Argentina. I, Dragon, his final project, has never been published in English before. Alien Books is honoring one of the greatest comic book masters by releasing it for the American (and worldwide) readers.


I, DRAGON: Book 1 will be available in stores by the end of July. Backers can get a physical copy with a choice of four covers, including an exclusive Backerkit variant. Digital copies and exclusive items are also available.

One highlight is the Salvador Sanz cover, a Backerkit exclusive. Mega, Angela della Morte and The Skeleton are some of his Salvador's firt published books in the USA. We're also offering trading cards and prints featuring art from the book!

Get your digital copy to carry this story everywhere!

The books will be printed in prestige format (6.625" wide by 10.1875" tall), square bound. The story covers 56 pages.

The same book, but the cover is by Salvador Sanz. The chance of a lifetime to have this edition.

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You want to display Giménez amazing art at home? Get some prints with illustrations from I, Dragon! They're the same size as the book, so as to not miss any detail.

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Are you perhaps more of a card collector? This exclusive set of 9 trading cards featuring art from the book is for you.

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If you're a fan of all kinds of dragons, you might want to check out our special packs that include one or two books by Ciruelo, the Lord of the Dragons. Alien Books just released Fairies and Dragons in a new, revised edition. And The Book of the Dragon hits the stores by the end of July. You can get one or both, along with I, Dragon, at a special price.



All rewards in this project, including LOTS of unique items, are available as add-ons to any pledge. Want to add prints? Absolutely, you can! What about a book from the Alien Books catalog at a lower price? Thinking about an additional copy of I, Dragon or a specific cover? Go for it, and enjoy a special discount on this extra book. 


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Giménez was a master of sci-fi who loved aircrafts and motorcycles. He studied Mechanical Technology in college. Each one of his drawings was meticulously crafted following real life, whether for machine design or observing people. He never relied on AI. Despite numerous AI tools emulating artist’s styles, they lack their mastery and creativity. We emphasize Giménez’s authentic, handcrafted work as the essence of our project.



Alien Books has a proven track record of successful crowdfunding campaigns, including Kickstarters for The Art of Ariel Olivetti, an artbook collecting 25 years of work of superstar artist Ariel Olivetti; Love, Ghosts, and a Deadly Spell by comic book sensation Damian Connelly, and Fairies & Dragons by fantasy master Ciruelo.

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