Mushroom Sprite Enamel Pin Set

Mushroom Sprite Enamel Pin Set

An enamel pin set featuring little Mushroom Sprites! Includes Pins, stickers, and a wallpaper!
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Pintopia 2024

This project is part of Pintopia 2024, which runs from March 28th - April 18th 2024. The more Pintopia pins you back, the more FREE pins you can earn ✨ Learn more →

About the Pins
Join us in creating four mushroom sprite pins! Plus a special extra pin!

The mushroom sprites are mythical creatures hiding among the mushrooms, just trying to blend in and live their little lives.

There are four mushroom sprite pins to chose from! (See the Pintopia section for the special extra pin!)

Note: Pin colors have changed slightly (Keychain and Sticker colors are the same as shown!) Click here for the digital proof colors.

Drippy Mushroom Sprite
Drippy mushroom is based on the inky cap mushroom! Despite it's appearance, it's actually edible. Well, the mushroom is. The mushroom sprite might want to avoid that! The pin is absolutely not edible.

This pin measures at 17 mm by 18 mm.

Tasty Mushroom Sprite
Tasty Mushroom Sprite is at home in a nice warm soup or stew. It's perfectly edible! Right? Hmm... This is the tasty kind right? Not the deathly poisonous kind? Make sure you do your research before picking up mushroom sprites!

This pin measures at 17 mm by 17 mm.

Note: Pin colors have changed slightly (Keychain and Sticker colors are the same as shown!) Click here for the digital proof colors.

Amini Mushroom Sprite
Amini Mushroom Sprite is based on the Fly Amanita or Fly Agaric Mushroom! This Mushroom sprite is a bit less afraid of people. Being poisonous, it does not have to worry about being foraged for.

This pin measures at 17 mm by 21 mm.

Note: Pin colors have changed slightly (Keychain and Sticker colors are the same as shown!) Click here for the digital proof colors.

Champ Mushroom Sprite
Here we have the Hide and Seek Champion Mushroom Sprite! Based off of the Morel mushroom, this little guy is heavily sought after, so it knows all the best hiding spots!

This pin measures at 22 mm by 17 mm.

Here's an image to help you picture the actual size of the pins! They're all a bit smaller than a US quarter.

Lilac & Bonnet mushroom sprite pin and sticker unlocked!
Lilac & Bonnet are an inseparable duo! (Literally as they are a single pin or sticker!) Based on the Lilac Bonnet, they are bioluminescent! This means both the pin and the sticker will be glow in the dark!

The Lilac & Bonnet pin can be added to your reward as an add-on. Simply add the "Mushroom Sprite Pin" add on, and you will be able to select it as your chosen pin after the campaign has finished.

Lilac & Bonnet can also be chosen as one of your pins for any of the pin tiers!

The Lilac & Bonnet sticker can also be added as an add-on. To do so, use the "Individual Mushroom Sprite Sticker" add-on!

Rubber Keychain Digital mock-up

PVC rubber keychains have also been added!

For those who've never gotten them before, they're soft keychains. The black will make up the "base" of the keychain and all the colors will be raised. They will be available in any of the mushroom sprite designs! The Lilac & Bonnet design will be available as well, but, unlike their pin and sticker, cannot be glow in the dark as a keychain. 

The charms on the keychains measure roughly 1.5" tall, except for Champ mushroom sprite, who is roughly 2" tall!

They will come with a U-shaped hook clasp for easily attaching them to keychains and bags!
Early Bird!
If you back within the first 48 hours, and pledge $25 or over, you'll get a free sticker!
You can choose your sticker from any of the 5 stickers in the "Sticker Pack" tier.

Which brings me to...

We have 6 stickers total! The first five are available in the sticker pack tier, or individually as add-ons. The fourth is clear jumbo sticker!

The sticker pack tier contains all four of the pin designs as Vinyl stickers, as well as a vinyl sticker of the Kittyshroom design! The sticker pack can also be added as an add-on to any of the physical tiers.

They're all near being 2" stickers, but vary so that they all still match each other proportionally. That way they look great when next to one another!

Individual sizes:
Drippy Mushroom Sprite - 1 3/4 inches tall,  1 3/4 inches wide
Tasty Mushroom Sprite - 1 3/4 inches tall,  1 3/4 inches wide
Amini Mushroom Sprite -  1 3/4 inches tall, 2 1/8 inches wide
Champ Mushroom Sprite - 2 1/4 inches tall, 1 3/4 inches wide
Kittyshroom Mushroom Sprite -  1 3/4 inches tall, 1 7/8 inches wide

Terrarium sticker is of a small glass terrarium with gold joints. Inside is Amini mushroom sprite sitting on moss. There is a little landscape of moss, a small bonsai tree, and some small leafy plants. There is a tiny stream flowing through with rocks at the end.

The Terrarium sticker will be a large 4" clear vinyl sticker! It will be available as an add-on to any physical pledge tier! 

The Sunbeam wallpaper, for IOS and Android phones. There is a preview image of the wallpaper. It has Amini mushroom sprout sitting on a log in the middle of the woods. Tiny white mushrooms sprout up, and poison oak sprouts around the base of the log. Dandelions and little red mushrooms are growing among the grass. There is a beam of warm sunlight filtering in from the high redwood trees.
The Sunbeam wallpaper is added on most tiers for free!
If you would like just the wallpaper, or if you'd like to just support the project without receiving any of the physical tiers, you can do so in the Thank you / Wallpaper tier!

This wallpaper should be good for most phone screen sizes, but has been specifically tested for the following: 16:9 (1080 x 1920 px) 19.5:9 (1284 x 2778 px) 18:9 (1050 x 2100 px) 18.7:9 (1080 x 2240 px)  

Pintopia - Free Pins!

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Two pins. First is a Mushroom Sprite with cat like features. It is reminiscent of Japanese lucky cats. Underneath it reads "Mushroom Sprite Pins by Amber and Moss". Next is a brown kitty foraging for mushrooms. It's about to pick a mushroom that is looking up at it with a little smiling face. Underneath it reads "Kitties of Whiskerwood, by Walnut and Clam". At the bottom it says "Back both projects and get these two pins for free!"

So in order to get our collab pins, just back any physical tier on BOTH projects. Then, if both projects get successfully funded, you'll get both pins!
Note: Pin colors have changed slightly (Keychain and Sticker colors are the same as shown!) Click here for the digital proof colors.

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United States - $6
Canada - $15
Everywhere else - $20

Shipping Restrictions

There are some restrictions! I will be unable to sell to the UK or the EU due to VAT restrictions. If everything is funded, then everything will be listed on my Etsy afterwards, which is able to remit VAT. So UK and EU orders will be possible then. However the wallpaper tier IS available for people in the UK and EU!

Address Changes

If your address will be changing soon, don't worry about it! I'll send out the surveys to collect your information, but addresses won't be locked in until the day I start shipping. And I will give you advance notice of that. And if at that time you're in the middle of moving, let me know, I can hold your package for a week or two to give you time to get to your new place.
Timeline. May 28 - April 18, Campaign runs on BackerKit. April 19 - 30, Reward surveys are sent. May, Production begins. June, Rewards are sent out.

Surveys & Forfeiture of rewards

Surveys will be sent out once the campaign is over. The point of these surveys are to ask you which pins/stickers you want, and to collect your shipping address.

Not only do I need to know this information so I can make sure I'm ordering enough of the right pins and stickers to go around, but I literally cannot send you out anything if you don't fill out the survey. I wouldn't know what you wanted or where to send it to. So please fill out your survey and send it back as soon as possible.

If you do not respond, I will do everything in my power to reach out to you, but if I don't hear from you after a couple of months your reward will be forfeited. 


The idea behind crowdfunding is that my project only starts and goes through if I make enough to cover my costs. For that reason, I can't do refunds. But you are free to cancel your pledge literally any time before the campaign ends. 

That being said, please reach out if there is an issue with your order! I'll do what I can to help!
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