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Anxiety Fox Pocket Friends Plush Toys!

Anxiety Fox Pocket Friends Plush Toys!

Take Anxiety Fox with you as an emotional support friend! Super soft, soothing plush toys are perfect to stick in your pocket and are ready for their next adventure with you! Choose your color and take on the world!
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Hello! My name is Nao Romero, a Mexican/ Puerto Rican artists living in the United States. I work professionally as a freelance character designer for animation, working for studios such as DreamWorks, Nickelodeon, Hasbro, and more. When I am not working, I love to draw for myself, and find ways to spread happiness.

Anxiety Fox is a brand I have created in 2015, starting from small doodles to help me cope with my mental disorders.  Drawing this little critter helped me manage and accept my own disorders by imagining them as an innocent little fox that I had to befriend and learn to live with, instead of pushing away or hiding. I reluctantly shared my doodles online, thinking I would be judged, but to my surprise, Anxiety Fox was welcomed with open arms.

Over the course of several years, I used the character to help advocate for mental health, self love, and more. Anxiety Fox helped me comes to term with my disorders, get help, and be kinder to myself. The character quickly turned into a comfort character for me, as well as touching people all over the world. I am so honored that Anxiety Fox was able to connect with so many of you!

For the last few years, I have created Anxiety Fox pins, several plush toys, apparel, and more, as well as having the honor to do collaborations with several companies. I am forever grateful and humbled by the support!

To follow us, be sure to check us out on Twitter! I use the platform to advocate for mental health/ disorder awareness, with an emphasis on connecting with others and covering all sides from mental disorders.


Pocket Friends are intended to be your little emotional support friend, whether you're at home, school, work, or where you go next. As someone who has suffers a great deal of anxiety, I find holding and stimming on soft objects to help ground me, and I hope to provide this comfort to others as well. Anxiety Fox is small enough to not call a lot of attention to yourself but big enough to pet and snuggle.

There are six (6) colors to choose from, with potentially more on the way!

These plush toys are 4 inches tall, and with tail, they are 7 1/2 inches tall! They are made from super soft fake fur, which make them excellent for petting and stimming when you're waiting in line, handling a difficult situation, or just want something soft but small to carry.

Each plush features are removable keychain, which converts the plush into a study keychain plush to prevent losing them! All details are professionally embroidered!

They can easily fit in your pocket if you need a safe place to put them away, while keeping them close!

 Each Pocket Friend will include a small certificate, making it perfect for gift giving or reminding you when you welcomed your little friend home.


Did you know that the first 48 hours of a campaign is the most important? It helps with driving the momentum and help campaigns reach their goal! In order to thank backers who back quickly, as well as returning backers from previous campaigns, I have created two incentives to show our deepest gratitude!

These incentives will automatically be added to your campaign!


Here are a selection of rewards to help fund our goal. Remember! You will be able to select the exact color of plush AFTER the campaign! 

If you want to add additional items to your pledge, you can do so through the "Add-On" feature!

Like every campaign, I like offering an enamel pin that is exclusive to the campaign! This offers more rewards for people who want to support but don't want a plush, or want to add more items!

This enamel pin will feature screen printed details and be 1.70 inches tall!

In the event we surpass our goal, I will offer achievements to help unlock more goods! Take a look below to see what is possible if we all work together!
If we were to surpass these goals too.. well, we will unlock even more exciting items!


Any unlocked color/ style for Pocket Friends (besides Rainbow Friend) can be chosen with any tier with at least ONE Pocket Friend! :)

*NOT This a digital mock up and the design may change!

Please note! I want to wait until I get samples for the bandanas and hoods before adding them on the add-on shop. This way, I can ensure they are just right before you add them! :)

Rainbow Friend has been UNLOCKED! This friend is 8 inches tall, without the tail! Just like the smaller friends, Rainbow is very soft and cuddly! They can perfect for cuddling and can also watch over your Pocket Friend, if you ever needed to leave them at home.


Anxiety Fox can ship all over the world, INCLUDING the EU!

Since shipping is constantly fluctuating, I decided to collect shipping AFTER this campaign ends. This way, I can ensure that shipping costs are calculating correctly! Below are an ESTIMATE on what to expect to pay for shipping.

Overseas backers are responsible for any import taxes, VAT taxes, and any related costs that are given by your country upon pick up of your package.


Here is a timeline that shows everything from production, sea shipping, packing, and more! Our team will do our best to ensure we stay on this schedule so I have added some padding to help with any potential delays. Keep in mind that there is a chance that delays can still happen (factory delays, shipping to our warehouse taking longer, etc) but rest assured we will make sure your friends arrive to you!


Thank you so much for reading our story and what I have to offer. We hope you consider supporting this project and helping this dream come true! If you have any questions, concerns, or business inquires, please get in touch!

From Nao and the team, thank you so much!

A special thank you to Cat for the adorably awesome campaign video!

Thank you so much, ModernAnimator, for taking some of our high quality photos!

If you would like to find us all over the net, as well as find other ways to support us and our mission, we encourage you to check out our links below! Although We use Twitter the most, we are trying to grow our Instram and Facebook pages!




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