Bee you, Bee true | Affirmation Pin Series

Bee you, Bee true | Affirmation Pin Series

Little bee friends to remind you to bee true to yourself + new and returning pride pins
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My name is Jordaan, the founder of Arledge Comics and lead pin designer. We've been publishing comics and designing enamel pins since 2016 - with twenty-three crowdfunding campaigns under our belt! We're so excited to share our latest designs with you all. <3

The Bees~

Please take note: The following pin images are mock up designs as the pins haven't been manufactured yet. We'll be working with a manufacturer we have an established relationship with, so we're confident that the final product will reflect what we have presented here. However, in the manufacturing process, there's always the chance of some minor changes to colors or sizing. 


Additional Pins

Just in case you felt our bees were too subtle for your tastes* we're also looking to add some brand new Pride pins to our growing collection. First up is our bisexual finger guns pin, followed by a rainbow variant. I'm also extremely excited to finally debut our first Two-Spirit pin! As a pin collector and an indigenous queer, I've found little - if any - Native representation in Pride collections. At a convention, I mentioned I was playing with an idea for a design, and the response I received was "When can I have it?" I thought I was designing this pin just for myself, but now I'm so glad to put this pin out into the world for everyone else starving to be seen.

*The bees aren't technically pride pins, but we couldn't resist the opportunity to sneak in yet another rainbow. :D


More Pins

Pronoun Pins!

Pronoun pins are great and all, but they can be a real struggle if you use multiple pronouns. Being a they/he disaster, myself, I wanted to develop an option that allowed for more interchangeability. Our pronoun pins are designed to stack! You can wear two pins, one on either collar, or wear them stacked. Pronoun pins come in sets of two! So, when ordering, one pin = one set of pronoun pins.

Current pronoun options include, in no particular order: he, him, she, her, they, them

Additional options may be added throughout the campaign.


Additionally, More Pins

Backer Requests

We've gotten a number of requests to expand our Professionally Me pin series to include additional identities. The request we received most often was a recolor of Professionally Gay using the blue gay pride flag instead of the rainbow. So that's our first Backer Request pin! It will unlock at $3,500, and additional pins will unlock at every 1k after.

You can submit requests by commenting at anytime throughout the campaign. Requests may include recolors of any existing design, additional Professional identities, or neo pronouns. If we're missing something you want, let us know! When we're ready to add a new design, they'll be chosen by backers votes. 


Add Ons

Lastly, you can also opt to add any of our existing pin designs to your pledge!

*The Happy Dagger Pin was designed by @ThisIsHannako for our Shakespeare anthology "My Kingdom for a Panel" and are available in limited quantities as they will not be given a second run. They currently retail for $15 on our website ( if you want to grab one ahead of time. Otherwise, they're first come, so please fill out your reward surveys early if you plan to add one to your pledge!

Community Goals

If and when this tweet gets 50 retweets, a new pin design will unlock! Here's a [link], share with your friends!



  • Shipping will be charged after the campaign ends when you complete your BackerKit survey.
  • Shipping costs will be weight based or flat rate, whichever is less expensive for your pledge.
  • All shipments will be done through USPS and include a tracking number.
  • We can't guarantee shipping costs, as they fluctuate all the time, but below is a rough estimate based on an order of three (3) pins
    • USA - $5
    • Canada - $18
    • Everywhere else - $23


Below is our estimated timeline. While we'll do everything in our power to adhere to this schedule, we're human and our manufacturers are human, and sometimes things happen outside our control. We endeavor to post updates every 1 - 2 months to keep backers up to date with our campaigns, and we always deliver. 

  • May 15 - Campaign Launch
  • June 30 - Campaign Ends, Backers are charged
  • July 1/2 - Reward Surveys are sent
  • July 30 - Reward Surveys are locked and shipping charged
  • August 5/6 - Final counts and designs are sent to manufacturing
  • 6-8 weeks later - Shipping begins

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Founded in 2016 by Chickasaw siblings, Arledge Comics started as a hobby and became the home of the critically acclaimed ALEX PRIEST. Since its inception, Arledge Comics has grown to include a number of anthologies, – including TRIAL RUN, MY KINGDOM FOR A PANEL, and STRANGE WATERS – and creator owned comics (like NO GOING BACK and SHUFFLE). Native founded, queer owned and operated: our mission is to create inclusive comics for the whole family to enjoy.

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Arledge Comics is a small business located in Tacoma, WA
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