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Project Update: 89% done with surveys and also a brand new kickstarter!

Hi Pin Pals!

Thank you everyone for getting these surveys completed as quickly as possible.  We are 89% done, which means I’m waiting on 16 people who need to complete them as soon as possible.

Also, as a reminder:
I have 2 people who unfortunately did not record their emails correctly, so if you see this message somehow, please reach out. 😅

I also have 7 backers who have not completed the initial payment, so check your emails. ♥️
If there’s anyone who still wants pins from the campaign, I have left a preorder store up and running, otherwise I'll put whatever is left in the Etsy store after the last pin is mailed out.

Also, I have BIG NEWS!! 

Nearly a year before I was invited to participate in Backerkit's First Ever Pintopia, I had been working on a special Kickstarter that included the second wave of my Fauna Fruits pin collection! This new Kickstarter is currently up and running with LOTS of pins, a watercolor coloring book and other items, some which are first come, first serve so check them out as soon as you can...of course, only if you're interested. I know it's not the same theme as the Ghoulfriends, but some of the items are just practical and fun. 

Goals have been set at the bare minimum after the Jaguar pin, and this may mean that I will NOT have any extras to place in the Etsy store, so if you really, really wanted a specific pin, especially at this price, this is your opportunity.  This will not affect any International Backers using the "International Only" Tier , as I'll order what you would like and make it available once they arrive.

Just know that you're NOT charged immediately for anything, and Kickstarter WILL let you know 48 hrs before the Kickstarter ends so that you can make any adjustments necessary.

NOW that I've gotten the serious stuff out of the way, I'm excited to show you the new additions!

  • Watercolor Coloring Book is Available! 25 pages with Water Activated Pigments on each page, and comes with a small brush to scratch that childhood nostalgic itch you might have

  • Mini Pins are Available! And you can choose which one you'd like! (Freebies are still random)
  • Traditional Coloring Books are Available! This will have 40 pages and all 45 Fauna Fruit Characters from my collection.
  • Pin Banners are Available!! I've been waiting to add this one, and I'm excited to share my first banner! Honestly, if you have a whole collection of pins, it's difficult to find place for them, and I heard you loud and clear! <3
  • Air Fresheners are Still Available while Supplies Last! They're exclusively Add-ons.
Thank you everyone for sharing this Kickstarter around if you do. It takes a village, and I hope you can join us.





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