Unveiling Beauty: Black and White Nudes

Unveiling Beauty: Black and White Nudes

A fine art photobook featuring artistic black and white nudes and a behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoots. The book is filled with models that emote interesting stories that will leave you curious to discover more.
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Unveiling Beauty: The Black & White Art Nude Book

Unveiling Beauty is an art nude photobook showcasing more than 30 women photographed throughout my photography career spanning two decades.

Unveiling Beauty is now available on my website at AustinMartiniPhotos.com

Amanda from "Unveiling Beauty"

Unveiling Beauty is not merely a collection of photographs, but a bold attempt to immortalize the beauty found in every curve, every line, and every nuance of the nude body. In it you'll embark on a visual journey that celebrates the unveiling of raw feminine beauty.
Dozens of amazingly beautiful women posed for making of this book. I think you'll be intrigued by each and every one as she reveals herself with confidence before the camera.

Note: Backerkit requires the censoring of images. The actual book and behind-the-scenes (BTS) video will be all uncensored art nudes.


Stretch goal: If we reach $5000 in pledges I'll be able to add 15-20 more pages to the book!

  • There is nothing like seeing the images in a physical print book. Select the collectible hardcover book printed on 8.5" x 11" archival paper for fantastic tonal range and contrast. The book has more than 100 pages, filled with art nudes.
  • The Autographed Hardback Edition: a one-of-a-kind collector's item signed by Austin Martini. 
  • BTS video: behind the scenes highlights from my work with these women. I hope to show a glimpse into how these images are created and some of the interactions between the model and myself.  I think the BTS video puts a dimensionality to the book that enhances the overall experience of the viewer.  
SAMPLE OF MODEL IN ACTION - the actual BTS video will be in HD 1080p, MPG4 format

  • Signed Archival Book + 3 Prints: You'll choose from 24+ different images and receive three (3) beautiful 8 x 10-inch archival prints (dated & signed). A preview of images to select from will be delivered digitally to you at campaign close. It's a preview of images only for you at this pledge level.
  • Polaroids are available with very limited availability.  Available as an add-on they are truly a one-of-a-kind collector's item for the connoisseur of fine art.  Many are signed by the model. You get to choose the model for your Polaroid.

Polaroid Sample - Note: all Polaroids are in color.

  • The Bonus set features another 100+ unique images that couldn't fit into the final book. I select images from literally hundreds of photos, so be assured that these are the top images that I'm so excited to share with you.


The Book

Unveiling Beauty hardback book

Unveiling Beauty has been shot during most of my fine art nude photography career. You'll see dozens of models posing nude in a variety of settings in this intriguing collection.  I always document my work with a behind-the-sense video to give you insights to how these gorgeous women were photographed.


The Models

I wish I could show you all the models in the book. Here is but a small sample. There are dozens more in the book.
Note: Backerkit requires the censoring of images. The actual book and BTS video will be all uncensored art nudes.
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Krisa & Caralynn

Austin Publications – Austin Martini Photos 



I strive to break even on all shipping charges. Here are the current estimates:

For the Hardback Book:
USA:  $7
Canada: $22
Europe: $29
Australia & New Zealand: $36
Japan: $36
Other countries: Please ask for an estimate.

For Polaroids:
Free Shipping worldwide

For Add-on Prints:
Free Shipping with Hardback book
Otherwise, similar to Hardback book fees above.

When to Pay Shipping Fees:
Shipping fees will be finalized and added to the pledge manager after the campaign has ended. 

About Me

My art is a delicate balance between revealing a woman's sensuality and maintaining the utmost respect for her as an individual. I firmly believe that the beauty of a model can be admired without crossing into the territory of objectification or vulgarity. A modeling session is a collaborative partnership where the model's interpretation and input are encouraged and valued. I think you'll see this in many of my images.

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