Wreck This Deck: A Game Of Demon Summoning And Deck Crafting

Wreck This Deck: A Game Of Demon Summoning And Deck Crafting

Funding a print version of the popular solo journaling ttrpg. Summon and bind demons by defacing playing cards. #WreckThisDeckRPG
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Wreck This Deck: A Game Of Demon Summoning And Deck Crafting

My name is Jackie Farley, my True Name is Jax and I’m a Deck Runner.

If you are reading this then I guess you want to run a Deck too. I can tell you what I know, give you a head start and maybe keep your soul intact. I don’t know everything. But better you learn it from me and not some corporate-branded social account, that’ll just get you killed.

Wreck This Deck is a dark urban fantasy game of solo journaling, demon summoning and deck crafting. Summon and bind demons into your Demon Deck, defacing the cards as you go. Demon summoning is dangerous and you're bound to get into some sticky situations as you play but it's nothing you can't handle - right?

Image of the Wreck This Deck cover and a sample spread from the book
A mock up of what the finished zine will look like

In Wreck This Deck you will:
  • Delve into dark knowledge and live life on the edge as a demon-summoning deck runner.
  • Bind demons into your haunted deck, wielding their strength for yourself.
  • Modify playing cards, creating a personalized deck spattered with paint, blood and sigils.
  • Unleash the power of your demon deck to fight corporations, right injustice and protect your community. 

There's a community of Deck Runners out there using the hashtag #WreckThisDeckRPG if you need help. Or just want to drool over some beautiful wrecked cards.
The four standard playing card symbols

We are creating a print zine of Wreck This Deck

Wreck This Deck started life in 2020 as a PDF-only game for the Black Armada Patreon. Since then loads of you have been playing it, and made it one of our most popular games. I've created this campaign to revamp Wreck This Deck and make it available in print form.

Elizabeth Lovegrove updated the game's look with professional layout and their own gorgeous, handmade lino-print art. I've also made updates to the game text, expanding on the original with more demonic material and new fortune telling spreads.

Wreck This Deck will be a 36-page zine printed on recycled paper with a quality 250gsm cover and printed by print.work. The game text is 100% ready to go and as soon as the campaign closes we'll give it to the printers, and then send it on to you. Backers will receive the PDF as soon as the campaign closes.
A spread of three cards: the 9 of hearts, Jack of clubs and 2 of hearts

Join the community

See what playing Wreck This Deck looks like, by exploring the #WreckThisDeckRPG hashtag. People have done some really stunning wrecking and it's well worth checking out! #WreckThisDeckRPG is also a place to interact in character and ask for advice from fellow Deck Runners. We are currently playing the game on the hashtag so come and spectate or join in.

Here are just a few of the cool things people have been doing with Wreck This Deck:

A collage of wrecked cards, with a mix of simple sharpie scrawlings and highly detailed art projects"



Wreck This Deck is the solo game I wish I'd written. It's smart, unique, and highly addictive, and the deck you make as you play will become an artifact that's uniquely yours that you'll treasure forever. I'm writing this with the knowledge that I have one of Becky's demons trapped inside my deck on the shelf behind me, bound with cards and staples to ensure it never breaks free. One day she'll ask for it back, and I pity the poor postal worker who has to transport that package.

Chris Bissette, designer of The Wretched

I'm not into solo journaling games. But I like Wreck This Deck a lot, because it puts the creation of your own personal messed up deck at the centre of the experience, and gives you a list of reasons to mess that deck up more and more. It takes the fascinating taboo of damaging or marking cards and then smashes that headlong into a grand tradition of postmodern magic brought to light by games like Unknown Armies and The Esoterrorists. (Plus, Becky has a knack for this sort of thing. I'd buy anything she wrote in a shot, so maybe I'm biased.) 

Grant Howitt, designer of Honey Heist, Spire, Heart and many more

A word from the creator

Wreck This Deck is inspired by a few things I love. First the phenomenon of Artist's Trading Cards and art journaling and second the look of horror on my partner Josh's face when Pandemic Legacy the Board Game told him to rip up a card. He refused; I did it and it was completely liberating. Ever since then I wanted to make a game where you turn an ordinary deck of cards into an artifact of play, heavy with story, crafted into something unique. Unbound by Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor was another strong influence and eventually it all came together in Wreck This Deck. A solo journaling game about demonology. Something that you can pick up and put down as the artist's urge takes you and share with others using #WreckThisDeckRPG. I want every player to create for themselves a real physical deck, splashed with paint (or maybe blood), ink, water damaged, sigil coated and very very well used.

Becky Annison, designer of Wreck This Deck, Lovecraftesque, Bite Marks and many more

Risks and challenges

This is a low risk project. We've successfully created, printed and delivered several TTRPG crowdfunding projects before, including Lovecraftesque, Flotsam, Bite Marks and Last Fleet. We are known for excellent management, clear communication and prompt delivery.

In the case of Wreck This Deck, the game text is finished. The game art is finished. The layout is almost entirely finished. We will be printing it here in the UK with a well-regarded printer. We are confident that the game will be sent to the printers shortly after the campaign closes.

The main risk that still remains is shipping. Shipping is more expensive than it once was, and recent events have led to unpredictable delivery times. With that said, currently things appear stable and we don't anticipate any problems. 


We will charge shipping after the project closes. This is because shipping prices vary a lot and we don't want to either over or under charge. We will charge you the cost we pay for shipping without taking any additional profit. We estimate the following prices:
UK/US: £4.50 ($5.50)
EU: £13-17 (Eur 15-20) including import duties which we will pay on your behalf
ROW: £10-15 ($12-18) depending on location

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