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Fungal Familiars - By Morgan Tyrrell

Fungal Familiars - By Morgan Tyrrell

Growing and playing in dell of the fey, our Fungal Familiars are ready to follow you home! Playful and mischievous, these hard enamel pins are around 2 inches, full colour detailed in gold, with 2 posts and rubber caps.
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  • Estimated shipping (with the knowledge that shipping is weird all over the world at the moment!): $19 CAD (Aprox $14USD) within the US and Canada for up to 10 total pins! Costs elsewhere will likely be a bit higher, depending on where we are shipping to, but we will do our absolute best to secure the best possible costs. 



Early Bird Pledge Levels

  • Early Bird pledge levels are only available for the first 48 hours of the campaign! Early bird backers will receive a full downloadable set of digital wallpapers for mobile and desktop screens. These will include backgrounds featuring all unlocked Fungal Familiars, so it just gets better the more we unlock!


  • While we've never done pins before, we're no strangers to manufacturing! We'll be using manufacturers that we're familiar with, but please do remember that issues and delays can still happen. 

  • We will always be fully transparent with you every step of the way. Any delays, disruptions or even good news will be shared quickly, and up front. 

  • It's important to be aware that while we have experience in this arena, and we're an established group of artists, this is still a crowdfunded campaign. Campaigns like this are sometimes struck with delays due to unforeseen circumstances. It's very important to understand that money pledged to any crowdfunded campaign is a donation or investment. BackerKit is not an online store and you will not immediately receive your rewards after pledging.

  • Please note that minor changes may occur in production, and that the images presented here are prototype designs. There is a possibility of slight changes in color and size in the physical item.

Pin Grades

  • When we're making pins there are a couple of types that we see - First Grade, and B Grade. First Grade pins are the only pins we will be offering in this campaign. 

Examples of First Grade imperfections are as follows, but not limited to:

- Small buff marks, scuffs, or scratches on metal/enamel
- Small specks, pores, or bubbles anywhere on the pin
- Slightly low or uneven fills
- Slightly misaligned screenprinted details (for pins with screenprinting)
- Slight variations in the distribution of glitter
- Slight defects in text (this is usually only in pins with small text)

  • We want to make you aware that these First Grade pins may have small imperfections, but 99% of the time, these imperfections are non-existent or not noticeable.

An important note about color and size.

  • It is crucial to understand that the pins in this campaign have not yet been manufactured. The designs you see on this page are mockups, which means the final product may vary in color and size. 

  • Different computers, phones, and other devices have different screen settings which means coloration may vary between screens. We use a Pantone Solid Coated book to choose the colors for our designs. The manufacturers use those Pantone numbers to know which colors to mix and apply where, however, looking at a Pantone swatch on paper is different than looking at a Pantone color in enamel.

  • Each mockup has a rough estimate of what the size will be. Our sizes are either specifying the general height or width of the pin. The actual size of the physical product may vary.

  • Glitters, translucent enamel, sand blasted enamel, pearl enamel, and metal plating colors may vary on the physical product.

Refunds or Exchanges

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Forfeiture of Rewards

  • Once project shipping is completed backers will be notified via a campaign update. This campaign update with have a final survey completion date. If your survey is not completed, and your shipping costs not paid by the completion date, you will forfeit your pledge payment and rewards. We will not fulfill forfeited rewards and pledge levels after the completion date.

Rubber Backs vs. Locking Backs

  • Each pin from our campaign will come with rubber backs, but we highly recommend purchasing locking backs. If you choose to adhere your pin to a jacket, bag, or other item, with a rubber back, and it falls off, we will not replace the missing pin. 

Shipping Policies

Lost or never received packages

  • We will make every attempt to get your new familiars from our facility to your home. Packages for this campaign will come with a tracking number. Regardless of tracking numbers, sometimes packages are lost in the mail. We will notify backers with an update when the project is near completion. If you have not received your package by the completion of the shipping process, you will have an extended period of time to contact us about a missing package.
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