Dux Bellorum - The Age of Arthur

Dux Bellorum - The Age of Arthur

The realms of Britain after the Romans, a world of Warlords, where heroes are remembered as the Knights of King Arthur.
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Is this the end of the world? Surely God and his Angels are asleep!

One will come into the burning land, and the spirits of the tribes of Prydein will bow down and honour them. From the lake will come a maiden with an enchanted sword. From the mountains will come giants bearing stones for a castle of legend. And from the deep, deep forests will come the people of the trees, to hew a great table girded with heroes' thrones...

Let DUX BELLORUM take you into a lost world...! A Britain after the legions, where the cities burn and where howling raiders invade once peaceful shores. Where the new faith battles the old, and people cower before fell powers and monsters of the night. The light of civilisation itself dims and flickers - but you can make it shine again!
This is the world in which the historical King Arthur might have lived. A world not of fancy, but steeped in the realities of the First Kingdoms to arise on the isle of Britain after the Fall of Rome. A world where you and your fellows can forge your own legends of the Once and Future King!

The ancient Celtic tribes arise again. Warlords step from the shadows of departed generals and emperors, to battle Pictish, Scotti, and Saxon invaders, and even their fellow men.

One day, people will sing songs of half-remembered knights, of Bedivere, Gawaine, and Kay; but in DUX BELLORUM you can play the heroes such as Bedwyr, Gwalchmai, and Cai who birthed those tales, adventuring across the mystical yet historical lands glimpsed in the writings of Gildas the Monk, the Mabinogion, and the tales of Aneirin and Taliesin the Bard.
DUX BELLORUM is a rules expansion for Chivalry & Sorcery 5th edition, for deep adventure in the mysterious world of the historical Arthur. The fate of Britain is in your hands.

This is not the world of knights in shining armour (there are other games for that Arthur), this is the historical world as described by Gildas the monk.

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