Alex Roberts
8 months ago

Project Update: Get The High Ground With Star Crossed Love Letters!

You might know that Love Letters comes with a brand new way to play Star Crossed online.

You probably know that I Have the High Ground is Jess Levine's heart-pounding two-player game of loaded banter and posturing before a climactic duel.

And so you must think: those two games would go together really well, right?

Well, Jess and I did play the two games on the Party of Onepodcast, mashed up as one continuous story about alien diplomats who ended up in a chili cook-off for planet Earth...

Click to listen to our high-stakes sci-fi romance at the county fair!

Now, you can get I Have the High Ground as an add-on to your SC:LL Backerkit Order!

If you've backed Love Letters, you can add the PDF and/or printed zine to your order...
Jess and I used the PDF to play online together!

OR... you can get the limited edition premium version that includes dice, tokens, and everything else you need to play: 

Thanks so much to Jess Levine for suggesting this mashup, and to Jeff Stormer for letting us take over his podcast for a week. We had SO much fun playing these games together, and it's pretty clear that Jess and I share a lot of values when it comes to designing games - player collaboration, tension, emotions first, mechanics that draw from life (in her case, from real-life fencing!) and you know... being hot.

Add I Have the High Ground to your order today! 





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