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The Sum of All Writers

The Sum of All Writers

Discover an amazing book for Sci-Fi and Fantasy enthusiasts and aspiring writers. This collection features captivating stories, as well as expert teaching commentaries designed to help writers hone their craft.
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Welcome, and Thank You for coming. How it all started.


This project has been over a year in the making. It started when the Farland School of Fiction decided to train and create a group of authors as coaches in the David Farland method. David Farland (Wolverton) was an author, mentor, and friend to many. He instructed many great names in the industry, like Brandon Sanderson, Stephenie Meyer, James Dashner, and many more. David passed in 2022, but they wanted his legacy to continue. They created the Certified Farland Fiction Coaches to continue teaching using the Farland method.

Four other graduates and I banded together to create a book elaborating on what we learned and the advantages of having a writing teacher and mentor. We wrote stories illustrating those techniques and commentaries delving into writing methods. The book is worth the stories alone. This novel is for anyone enjoying good stories; if you have thoughts on writing, you can benefit even more.

It did not stop there. Four additional friends and students of David Farland (Wolverton) joined us: Kevin J Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, Kary English, and D. T. Read. Plus, David Farland joined the writers listed. 

This novel consists of stories ranging from angelic presences, fantasy, science fiction, and distant worlds to a land so different that there are no humans but a race that uses music to communicate. There is even a story for a younger audience‚ÄĒsomething for everyone.

It gets even better. Supporting our Backerkit project also aids up-and-coming writers who may not have the funds to attend classes and learn. Proceeds from this Backerkit project will be donated to the David Farland Endowment Scholarship for Superstars Writers Seminars. David's scholarship provides attendance, flight, and hotel accommodations to those who cannot otherwise attend.

"You can be a writer." - David Farland.

 - C.D. Lombardi


What is the Sum of All Writers?

The Sum of All Writers is a book for Sci-Fi and Fantasy enthusiasts and aspiring writers. This unique collection features captivating stories and expert teaching commentaries to help writers hone their craft. Plus, with every purchase, you'll support the David Farland Endowment Scholarship for Superstars. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to indulge your passion for speculative fiction and give back to the writing community at the same time.

What we offer.

The Sum of All Writers is available in four formats: eBook, paperback, hardcover with dustjacket, and hardcover with dustjacket, plus a bookplate signed by nine of the authors.
The Sum of All Writers - front cover

Some of the stories:
  • Kevin J. Anderson (written with Rebecca Moesta)¬† ¬†
    • Rough Draft¬† (Reprint)
  • Monique Bucheger¬†
    • Eliana‚Äôs Gift
  • Shawn P. Butler
    • The Death of the God King
  • Kary English
    • When the North Wind Blows
  • David Farland
    • On My Way to Paradise - the Novella (Reprint)
  • C.D. Lombardi
    • Fallen Virtues
  • Amanda Marlowe
    • The Secret Songs
  • Rob Porteous
    • Dancing with Storms ¬†
  • D.T. Read
    • ¬†Scapegoat (Reprint)

You can also purchase a writing consultation from one of five writing coaches, each a Farland Certified Fiction Coach graduate from the Farland School of Fiction.

The Five Farland Coaches

For those of you who would like to be a part of the book, we offer to include your name as one of the characters.
Name a Character

Take advantage of the chance to get your hands on our add-on items! Currently, you'll find two keychains that will add a touch of elegance to your collection.

Dances with Storm Keychain - concept art

Farland - The Dragon, concept art

Additional items may become available as stretch goals are met.

Stretch Goals



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