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Frantic Familiars

Frantic Familiars

These cats spell trouble! Frantic Familiars Bolt, Blot, and Primrose are ready to keep you company and “assist” in hexes and hijinks. These 2” hard enamel pins feature gold plating, glow-in-the-dark details, and two posts with rubber clutches.
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Pintopia 2023

This project is part of Pintopia 2023, which runs from January 17th - February 7th 2023. Learn more →


If you're a cat lover, you know that alongside joyful play and calming purrs, our favorite companions are also agents of pure mischief and mayhem. Like, so much mayhem. Stepping on important stuff, climbing where they’re not supposed to, sitting on you and then turning around so their butt is right in your face…. The little gremlins.

These little black cats are getting into all sorts of double double toil and trouble. Say hello to Primrose, Bolt, and Blot:
Each 2” hard enamel pin features:
  • Gold plating
  • Glow-in-the-dark details
  • Two posts with rubber clutches

UPDATE 2.4.23

The backing card art has been revealed! This card design is a Backerkit exclusive and won't be available after Pintopia. 


  • One Pin: $15 (1 pin of your choice)
  • Two Pins: $28 (2 pins of your choice)
  • Three Pins: $39 (full set of 3 pins or mix-and-match)
  • Retailer tier: $300 for 24 pins (You must be able to provide proof of your retail business to back at this level. Please message upon backing to confirm.)

NOTE: The above prices DO NOT include shipping. Shipping costs will be charged AFTER the campaign, closer to the shipping date via the backer survey. 

  • Shipping will be charged separately after the campaign ends and closer to the ship date.
  • Shipping will be via USPS First Class with tracking; costs are subject to change based on USPS rates at the time of shipping. Estimated shipping as of January 2023 is $6 within the US, $15 to Canada/Mexico, and $18 everywhere else, for up to 6 pins. 
  • We will do our best to ensure the most cost-effective and accurate shipping costs for all.
  • Backers are responsible for customs, duty, and VAT charges.

Due to the unpredictable nature of the shipping and manufacturing process these days, these estimates are subject to change in either direction. We'll be sure to send progress updates regularly until fulfilled.
Tentative timeline:
  • February 7th, 2023: Campaign ends
  • Late February: Funds received from BackerKit
  • Early to mid-March: Surveys sent to backers
  • April: Production will start with 6-9 weeks of production time.
  • Mid-June: Packaging & shipping begins (shipping cost charged to backers)
  • July–August: Delivery to backers

Hello, I’m so excited you’re interested in my pin collection! I'm Carrie Alyson, a Tacoma-based artist who loves tarot, board games, and hiking with my wife. In 2019, I crowdfunded my Calming Cats pin collection, a series of mindfulness reminders paired with feline support. I've kept those reminders to let myself rest and to light my own path close to my heart, especially now, as I embark on a journey to support myself full-time through my art.

To be honest, it's a lot of change and a lot of chaos. I’ve done a whole lot of conjuring up good vibes with the help of my own little familiar (River) to channel positive energy into this new and magical project. Behind the scenes, I'm joined on this project by my partner in crime Kim Kuzuri who has been helping refine my designs and create order around all this kitty chaos.

Follow me and find more of my work here:


This project is participating in Pintopia 2023 —  a series of 20 small-scale enamel pin projects from a diverse group of creators collectively launching on Crowdfunding by BackerKit. All Pintopia projects will be LIVE from January 17th at 10 AM PST until February 7th at 1 PM PST.

Since there are so many awesome projects participating in Pintopia, we can’t imagine you’ll choose just one. As a thank-you to those that back multiple projects, BackerKit will be shipping out limited edition pins including some amazing creator-collab pins for FREE to those that reach the following milestones:

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A limited edition collaboration pin designed by
Jason Furie (Movie Moths) x Katie Bacigalupi (History of Floral Fads)

A limited edition collaboration pin designed by
AsherBee (Gourmet Ghoulfriends) x Liquid 90s (90s Starter Pack)

A limited edition collaboration pin designed by
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