Dark Forest Mushroom Girls

Dark Forest Mushroom Girls

Enamel Pins inspired by 4 (roughly) poisonous mushrooms! Each girl features glitter hair and is a fun play on the mushroom that inspires it.
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Pintopia 2 2024!

Welcome to Pintopia! I created this campaign to participate. My name is Adie and I've been running CatHead Pins since 2018, i've run bunch of different campaigns, using kickstarter and Backerkit as the fulfillment service. This is my first full campaign on backerkit. This event is where I "pair" with another creator. They design a freebie pin for me, and I design a freebie pin for them! If we're both fully funded they will unlock for backers. 

My theme is mushroom girl inspire, while my pintopia partner is doing Soft Decay. Which is perfect for us because not only as we friends in real life but our themes are similar enough that these will appear as a full set! You'll want to check out both of our campaigns. 

Dark Forest Mushroom Girls

On to the Designs! 

These designs are based off minor features the mushrooms have as well as mostly being a play off of their name. Example: Death cap and Destroying Angel both have gill like ruffles on their stems. I used this detail as clothing accents for them in the designs. 

First goal is Destroying Angel: Unlock at 600$ 

She features Gold colored metal. 
About 2.25 largest. 
Glitter Hair and wings. 
Glow in the dark eyes. 
2 pin posts and CatHead back stamp. 

"Like death caps, they have a white cap and gills, and also like death caps contain amatoxins. Amatoxins are extremely toxic compounds that travel through the bloodstream and disrupt cell metabolism, consequently damaging many organs including the liver and heart."

Freebie Pin Details

Along with Destroying Angel being unlocked so will a freebie pin by guest artist: Kaiju Pins! Who is a close friend of mine. Heres the pin details below! Link to Kaiju's campaign To get both freebie pins backers must back for both campaigns.

The collab pin will have white pearl essence hair, blue glitter blood, Gold plating, 2 pin posts, screenprinted details. This character is based off of the Satan's bolete, which is a short deep red mushroom with a large white cap. The flesh turns blue when damaged or cut. This pin will be about 2.25 inches large, will be gold platted. 


Stretch Goals!

Goal 2: 1000$ Death Cap Unlocked

Death Cap Pin Details
About 2.25 inches large
Features glitter hair
2 pin posts and back stamp

Goal 3: 1400$ Inky Cap Unlocked

Stretch goal: 1,900$  Unlocked
Freebie pin. Those who back 2 or more campaign pins will receive Mini destroying angel mushroom pin for free!

2,700$ new rosary colorway

Stretch Goal: Mini Pin Set: 3,000$ unlock goal


Pintopia 2024 Partner! Kaiju Pins: Soft Decay

Back for Abysmal Kaiju Pins Campaign here: Soft Decay

Heres the details for the freebie pin I designed for their campaign! To get their pin as well as the freebie they designed for me back for both campaigns.

Heres my design for kaijupins: Rosary
Rosary will have glitter hair, and fits in the same colorscheme as Abysmal Kaiju's theme. Will be about 2.25 inches large


Shipping will be charged after the campaign. Where we can my pintopia partner and I will combine shipping to be more environmentally friendly. 
Shipping will vary on where you are, the amount of pins you purchase, and any vat or taxes that your country may have. You are responsibility for paying for these stipulations. If the package is sent back to sender (me) then the buyer is responsibility for repaying for the reshipment. 

Pintopia 2024

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Add-On page includes adding extra campaign pins, as well as any other pin I have enough stock of to comfortably list on the add-on section. 

Some are brand new pins new to my shop this past Feb, as well as pervious pins/other items from previous campaigns that many people who have supported me in the past helped unlock.

Anything purchased as an add-on will ship with the new pins, that means if there's a delay in the pin manufacturing of the new designs then your order will not ship until the campaign pins are available to mail out. 
My pin partner and I live in the same town and are friends in real-life, due to this we will be combining shipping when we are able to, to save the planet extra waste incurred from shipping multiple packages. By backing both of our campaigns you are acknowledging that we will be shipping items together when possible.  
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