TCAS Pin Collection

TCAS Pin Collection

Get ready to pin for the new Backerkit pintopia event! Enjoy these 2 TCAS enamel pins of Christian and Doggy, from the upcoming animated series, The ChristianAnimations Show!
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Campaign Overview

Dive into the whimsical world of “The ChristianAnimations Show,” where every frame is a portal to the imagination and every character is a tribute to the art of animation. Our Pintopia campaign is not just about collecting enamel pins; it’s an invitation to join Christian and Doggy in their epic battle against the Anti-Animation League. Your support will help keep the spirit of animation alive and vibrant!

TCAS Poster

Pin Designs



This pin features the titular head of Christian, the heart and soul behind “The ChristianAnimations Show.” Styled as a sleek icon, it captures Christian’s animated essence and his unwavering passion for storytelling through animation. The pin’s design emphasizes his expressive eyes and characteristic smile, inviting you to join in on the fun and creativity that “The ChristianAnimations Show” represents.



This pin is a tribute to Doggy, the lovable and loyal sidekick from “The ChristianAnimations Show.” It captures his playful spirit and boundless energy that lights up every scene he’s in. With his tongue lolling out in a happy pant and his tail mid-wag, this pin embodies the joy Doggy brings to Christian’s life and the show.

What is The ChristianAnimations Show?

From our upcoming animated pilot crowdfunding campaign:

TCAS, which stands for “The ChristianAnimations Show,” is an original animated series that follows the adventures of a young boy named ChristianAnimations. Christian is a talented 2D animator who loves to create his characters and stories. He enters a live animation contest, where he faces off against his rival, a flashy animator who uses expensive software and equipment. Against all odds, Christian wins the contest with his simple but charming animation and earns the admiration of the audience and the judges.

However, his victory also attracts the attention of the Anti-Animation League, a mysterious organization that hates all forms of animation and wants to eliminate them from the world. They send their agents and robots to attack Christian and his friends, who are also animators. They also target anyone who shows interest or potential in animation, such as students, teachers, artists, and fans. They believe that animation threatens society and culture and that only realistic and live-action media should exist.

Christian ends up having to battle each member along the way and hopes to find out the truth behind their hatred and obsession with animation, and if there is any way to change their minds. With his new allies and abilities, Christian embarks on a journey full of action, comedy, drama, and surprises. They also learn more about the secrets of animation, and how it connects to their lives and dreams. They must use their creativity, imagination, and teamwork to overcome the obstacles and enemies and save the world of animation from extinction.

TCAS Backerkit Cover

Despite the obstacles, ChristianAnimations never gives up on his dream. With the help and support of his furry friends, he continues to work hard and push forward. The series is entertaining and inspiring, teaching viewers the importance of perseverance, creativity, and friendship.

Concept art

Here is our upcoming campaign for The ChristianAnimations Show Backerkit.

Rewards and Stretch Goals

REWARD 1 ($12)

REWARD 2 ($12)

Stretch Goals
  1. $1,500 - TCAS Poster: A high-quality printed poster of TCAS artwork, signed by the creators, for backers at higher pledge levels.
  2. $2,000 - TCAS Enamel Pin Set: A set of enamel pins featuring additional characters from TCAS, including Maayana and Lion Gamer for all backers at a certain pledge level.
  3. $2,500 - Pilot Sneak peek: Unlock an exclusive preview of the TCAS pilot! This is your chance to be among the first to witness the adventures of Christian and Doggy. As a backer, you’ll receive early access to the pilot episode, giving you a glimpse into the vibrant world we’re creating. Your feedback will be invaluable as we fine-tune the final touches, making you an integral part of the TCAS journey.

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