B.B. & Bunny

B.B. & Bunny

A bunny girl and her pet bunny in a cute and surreal slice-of-life web comic series, as they meet various characters and find ways to save humanity from God’s destruction.
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BB & Bunny is a sci-fi, slice-of-life comic about a bunny girl and her bunny looking to save humanity from God’s destruction while making friends and finding love long the way.

The webcomic will be presented on Substack, while also being uploading on social on Instagram & Twitter.

BB & Bunny will have 2 storylines that differs in both online and print.

1) Ongoing weekly 4-panel webcomic of BB & Bunny's slice of life.
2) Official full length story, made for print.

4-Panel Webcomic series.

BB & Bunny is a project that's just starting out! Funding will go towards allocating production time towards BB & Bunny. The goal is to at least get to $1200, to allocate 6 hours/ wk on BB for the month after crowdfund is over to spend towards:

  • To get webcomic to hit weekly cadence goal.
  • Putting together zine and pitch deck for English and French speaking publishers.
  • Print and shipping costs for zine production and pledge items.
  • Most of all, you’re helping me towards my 2024 goal of building the courage to go towards my dreams of creating a comic series! (;v; ) <3

Zine | $14 

BB & Bunny Splash Zine containing comics, illustrations, sketches, and author's notes, estimated 16-24 pages. 8.5 x 5.5" printed on high gloss and HQ card stock paper. (Note: Zine cover subject to change just a bit!)

1 Pin  | $26

BB & Bunny Splash Zine plus, one 2" hard enamel BB pin of your choice.

2 Pins | $38

BB & Bunny Splash Zine WITH an additional 2" hard enamel BB pins of your choice.

3 Pins | $54

BB & Bunny Splash Zine and all three 2" hard enamel BB pins.

All In: Pins & Stickers Bundle | $90

Publisher’s Zine  + All Three 2" BB Hard Enamel Pins + All Three 2" BB Stickers + All Two Bunny 3” Holographic Stickers

As celebration for gettinf fully funded in 48 hrs! Backers who pledge within the first 72hrs gets a free 8x11" BB & Bunny art print!


BB's 2" Vinyl Sticker Bundle will be offered as a Add-On if we reach $2500!

Bunny's 3" Vinyl Glitter/Holographic Sticker Bundle will be offered as a Add-On if we reach $3000!

One of both BB and Bunny's sticker packs will be offered for FREE for all backers if we reach $6000!

Christine Villanueva, visual artist & graphic novelist from San Francisco, who lives and works for the Internet. (Ex-Reddit Admin, Founder/ Director for creative consultancy, Glass Peach, LLC.)

I like making stories in comics format and drawing beautiful illustrations. While I'm not working, I enjoying watching series/movies with friends, eating Trader Joe's novelty snacks, and spending time with my smol rabbit, Milo.

I grew up on the Internet, while watching late night Toonami, and playing Nintendo games from dawn 'til dusk. Besides my day job creating for the Internet, I was a comics resident at La Maison des Auteurs, cartoonist for the Daily Californian at UC Berkeley, and a merit scholar at California College of the Arts' MFA in Comics.

If you'd like to know more about what I'm doing, subscribe to my Substack newsletter for updates and shop/support for merch on Ko-Fi!

Substack: https://kisskisstine.substack.com/
Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/kisskisstine

IG - Twitter/X - Twitch - Website

$6 United States (domestic) | $18 International 

  • Shipping will be charged after the campaign ends and addresses are collected.
  • Costs are subject to change based on USPS rates at the time of shipping.
  • I will do my best to ensure the most accurate shipping costs for all!


  • Due to the unpredictable nature of the shipping and manufacturing process these days, these estimates are subject to change in either direction. I'll be sure to send progress updates regularly until fulfilled!

Feb 6 - Campaign Ends

Mid-Feb - Print Production/ Surveys Sent

March - Shipping!

Stay updated on the Community tab for BB & Bunny Campaign! <3

Thank you so much for your support! 💕
Please share this campaign so we can bring BB & Bunny to life!

If you'd like to know see more updates of BB & Bunny subscribe to my Substack newsletter for updates and support me on Ko-Fi!

Substack: https://kisskisstine.substack.com/
Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/kisskisstine

IG - Twitter/X - Twitch - Website

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