Replies to Coyote & Crow Games: Ask Connor!

I live in the "LP" and when I was in my late teens in the late-80s my friends and I used to go up to the UP. Wonderful country. Sadly, my best friend and cousin who lived near St. Ignace became VERY anti-"Indian" for some stupid reason. It ruined our friendship ever since then. My best friend was kind of lost in life and since then always seemed to fall in with groups that were racist toward this and that minority group. I sometimes think that somehow getting more people out of rough financial situations would help curtail more people falling in with groups that blame others for their troubles. Sadly, today it seems like algorithms actively steer people toward racist groups online. It's just sad. 😕 At any rate, sorry for the tangent, but your post made me remember the good times I had up in the UP. One of my favorite memories was hanging out with a Native American couple who ran a little gift shop in the central UP. We shared and smoked tobacco with them. It was American Spirit brand, which the proprietor was actually curious about purchasing for ritual use as well as to smoke. They had tiny sprigs of cedar tree over each of the doors to their shop. It was such a fun experience. Good people. 😀 Sorry to ramble! Take care and be well! Peace! 😎☮️❤️🌈