George Williams
21 days ago

Project Update: NeoComet is here! Time to lock in orders!

Hello everyone!

We have come around to the lock in date. 24 hours from sending out this update, I will lock in everyone's orders, so you have until then to make whatever changes you may need. One step closer to pins, I hope everyone is as excited as I am!

Taking into account the different polls I put out and the advice of others, I will be charge cards June 15th as I put in my original timeline. I will send out an update a week before so everyone will be aware of when the charge will hit their accounts.

Lastly, NeoComet is finally done! Because of demand, I actually made a full Aisha and a baby Aisha Comet. Everyone who backed within 48 hours gets a set of NeoComets for free with their order! And if you missed that don't worry, they are still available as add-ons. There is also a Baby NeoComet mini Notebook option added to the notebook listing.

If you still haven't answered your survey please get that done by tomorrow so you can receive your pin! Thank you again for your support and patience.





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