Introducing Arctic Scowly!
RPG Squeeze Plush – Soft & Cuddly Dungeon Crawl Critters

RPG Squeeze Plush – Soft & Cuddly Dungeon Crawl Critters

Classic dungeon crawl monsters in the form of plushies featuring the Gelatinous Cube, Strixbear, Black Ooze, Hellhound, and Eyegors
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What we're making

Here at Creature Curation we love all monsters, especially cute squishy dungeon crawl critters! And, when we need something to squeeze, we give one of them a squish.

Each RPG Squeeze Plush, is made from high-quality materials that are soft, huggable, and ready to squeeze!

Cubes & Oozes

So many Eyegors!

Strixbears are a hoot!

So many other critters!

Pledge Level Breakdown

After the Campaign is over, you will get to pick out of all the available plushies which ones you want to squeeze the most.

Pledge at ANY LEVEL & add as many plushies in the Add-on section as you want!

So many plushies to choose from!

We love our Retail stores!

Approximate Sizes

Final sizes may vary slightly

Detailed Photos

There are so many great details to each of these plushies including detailed embroidery, custom fabrics, and printed designs. Here are some close-ups.

Thailia and friends

Humphrey and friends

Scowly face

Orcish details

Rusty and friends

Stretch Goals

Enamel Pin art is not final.

About Me

Hey there, I'm Brian Colin. You may know me from RPG Squeeze blind box toys, World of Revilo, Cardography, Vast Grimm, selling my wares at conventions for years, or as part of Infinite Black. I like to make all the things that my family wants to have in our collection, and we hope you will too.

I pulled in some extra help from my family to manage this campaign. I'll be busy during the day at Infinite Black, so I wanted to make sure any questions or issues that come up while I'm working on other cool stuff can be handled. And no one knows these plushies better than my wife and kids!

Estimated Shipping

These are estimated shipping costs at the time of the campaign

Project Timeline

All of the prototypes for the plushies are done and approved. We just need to raise the funds to get everything into production. 

  1. Crowdfunding Ends – Early July 2023
  2. Send out Surveys – End of July 2023
  3. Place order with our manufacturer – Mid-August 2023
  4. Ship to Fulfillment centers – Mid-October 2023
  5. Begin Fulfillment – January 2024

Risks & Challenges

We have a strong relationship with the manufacturer after working closely with them to produce our previous plushies. The main risks we face would be things out of our control like global pandemics. But, for anything that comes our way, we will make sure to post updates and keep you updated with us for the entire ride.

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