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3 months ago

Project Update: Quick check in & New format

Hello everyone!

I wanted to let everyone know about a new format we're trying for these updates, I know everyone doesn't have time to read them so we are going to start to try and do monthly video updates alongside the normal written ones!

These will be quick updates on progress on our projects to make it as easy as possible to keep you in the loop!

You can view the first episode here!

What was mentioned:
  • Brambletrek as a whole is 86% finished, now in final editing phase with a few artwork pieces needing to be finished.
  • We are 85% through the surveys so be sure to fill yours out so we can fulfil the PDFs as soon as they're completed.
  • 2024 is a huge year and we will be at UKGE and Tabletop Scotland.
  • New releases include 'Ashes' - A Souls-like RPG launching Q3 2024 & Midnight which is releasing on 16th January 2024. (Click the names to learn more!)

Thank you to all of you who have filled out your surveys and we hope to have more fulfilment info soon!

--Crossed Paths Team
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