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Ashes - A Souls Like GM-less RPG Gamebook

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A brand new GM-less adventure where you plays as a hunter known only as 'The Reborn' exploring the final resting place of the Gods hoping to revive the once grand region of Mayfalls. Inspired by souls-like games. Rise, Fall, Rekindle.

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Imagine standing before the ancient, dungeons of Mayfalls, where whispers of the past beckon you to a realm filled with forgotten lore and mystical powers. As the light slowly filters, you are invited into a world where every shadow holds a story and every rooms sings a song of old.

Welcome to Ashes

Armed with a weapon of your trade, you're set to embark on a journey through the enigmatic dungeons of Mayfalls. The cards becoming the map and the dice telling you what you will find in your explorations, the mysterious artifacts you uncover, and the formidable foes you encounter.

As you navigate this mystical world, your innate abilities, bestowed by the Pheonixes of old, will be your guide. With each step into the depths, prepare to face lessons of power and peril.

Let the cryptic cards lead you in this Solo RPG experience that celebrates adventure and character. Beyond the gates, mystery and magic await to be discovered.

Step into the ancient ruins of Mayfalls, where forgotten magics and hidden secrets await. As a brave explorer in this mystical world, your destiny is yours to forge.

With our streamlined system, creating your character is straightforward. You will pick from one of 4 Scions, keepers of awesome power who will journey through to uncover the secrets held.

This is your adventure, to be unfolded at your own pace. Navigate through generated dungeons, allowing the dice and cards to light your way.

This dungeon is ever changing, a place where mystery and depth meld seamlessly. Let the cards and dice guide your steps in this journey of exploration and discovery. With every challenge and choice, sculpt your own epic tale of adventure and intrigue.

Choose from 4 Scions, the classes built into this system & prepare yourself against the enemies ahead.

Ashes will also introduce a system that uses a standard deck of cards to determine your dungeon layout, enemies & more, while using dice for combat and checks to make things a lot easier to manage when running the game yourself.

There are over 15 billion potential dungeon layouts & many unique combat scenarios for you to encounter!

You will take on the formidable opponents imbued with the power of the Gods in exciting Boss Battles and the remnants of creatures through combat skirmishes as your journey through the dungeon.

Remember that death is not the end and with each defeat you gain a chance to rid this world of their evil, bringing Mesym back to what it once was.

So adventurer, there is only one thing that remains, are you prepared to;

Rise, Fall, Rekindle.