The Covens of Midnight - A Tarot-Based GM-less Solo RPG

The Covens of Midnight - A Tarot-Based GM-less Solo RPG

Become a student at The Midnight Court, a College for the Arcane. This is GM-less Journalling TTRPG that uses Tarot and Card Divination to unlock your fate.
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Imagine the venerable gates of an arcane school parting before you, a whispered invitation to a world brimming with enchantment and ancient wisdom. Here, among the ivy-clad walls and echoing chambers, feel the pulse of arcane energies and the allure of adventures yet to be written.....

Welcome to The Midnight Court.

With a journal in hand and a pen poised to capture every moment, you prepare to set off on a grand new year at The Midnight Court. The pages of your journal will become a testament to your studies, your triumphs, and the incredible relationshop that await you in this fantastical sanctum.

As you go through the new year and navigate the consquences of your powers, you will encounter a myriad of lessons and challenges. But fear not, for you are not alone - you are gifted with arcane abilities by a celestial guardian, your Paragon.

Let the cryptic cards guide you on this narrative-rich RPG experience celebrating character and adventure. For mystery and magic awaits you through the open gates.

Step into the shadowy halls of the Midnight Court, where the arcane arts reign supreme. As a gifted Scribe, the future is yours to unfurl.

With our intuitive journaling approach, creating your character is simple and imagination-fueled. Your backstory, personality, and mystical abilities spring from the cryptic wisdom of the Tarot cards.

This is a flexible tale for you to tell at your own pace. Dive into self-guided adventures, letting the cards illuminate your path forward. Weave an engrossing personal narrative enriched by prompts and guiding rules.

The Midnight Court is your playground where magic and creativity intertwine. Let the Tarot be your compass on this journey of discovery. With card-based guidance, forge your own swirling saga of sorcery and adventure.


This solo roleplaying game puts you in the pilot's seat. The story unfolds at your direction as you explore the inner world of your imagined character. Meander through your lesson, study hard in the libraries or conquering your rival with audacious wit.

Unlike group games, solo play taps into introspection. The aim is not to "win" but rather to unlock the depths of your creativity through journaling. Let the experience spur self-reflection.

The prompts sprinkled throughout intend to inspire, sparking your imagination. Yet how you utilize them is up to you – this is your legend. Shape the narrative as you desire.

To begin, procure a journal, trusty pen, and a Tarot Deck, for they shall serve as companions. When ready, find your coven and see which Paragon chooses you...

With courage, traverse the year ahead, from combat lessons to masquerade balls. Document thoughts, feelings, and deeds.


You've got everything you need right here to survive (and thrive!) during your first year at this magical college.

The sturdy hardcover 100+ page book will hold up to all the adventures ahead - this book is built to last! With the mystical off-white paper, really help pull you into the fantasy realm from page one.

Sprinkled throughout, the beautiful illustrations offer sneak peeks of what the school truly is. From tthe buildings, professors, and potential friends you'll meet. Just flip through and let the visuals get those creative ideas flowing for the characters you'll invent.

Within these weathered pages, you'll discover comprehensive yet easy to grasp rules so creating your apprentice Scribe and diving into mystical adventures is smooth sailing.

Select one of seven powerful Paragons, each offering their own badass magical gifts and abilities to up your game.

Over 300 prompts will take your storytelling up a notch, with daily life at the academy exploding with Tarot inspiration. Use any Tarot Deck!

Face challenges and scholarly tests by drawing Tarot cards. Your character's abilities and the task's complexity determine the result. When intense magical duels arise, our fast-paced WAND Combat System will help you resolve them with dramatic flair. The highest card triumphs, while the card's suit (wands, cups, swords, or pentacles) adds unique advantages.

Our insightful Spark System tracks how the relationship with your rival transforms - unexpected twists ahead! Forge connections with fellow Scholars, wise mentors, and even adversaries to enhance your character's development. These relationships are gateways to acquiring new insights, and self-growth.

Handy reference sheets help you master every Tarot card's secret meaning and creative potential. Also including free printable goodies like character sheets to enhance your adventure.

From the moment you crack the weathered covers the mood will be set: you've stepped into an ancient era bursting with supernatural powes. Grab your quill, tarot, and this trusty tome - Lessons have started.


A sanctum of forbidden knowledge, The Midnight Court is where those touched by mana's call come to master their talents. Within this sanctum of arcane secrets, fledgling mages and adepts alike gather to hone their talents and leave their mark upon Akeroth's rich mystical landscape.

The college is divided into four Covens, each embodying unique magical virtues. They are as follows:

  • The Drakonys - Renowned for members who harmonize dualities and embrace creativity. These individuals are adept at connecting disparate ideas and people, often leading to innovative solutions and breakthroughs. They thrive in environments where balance and adaptability are key.

  • The Vodalysa - For those drawn to the mysteries and depths of magic. Its members are introspective, often pursuing solitary studies into the arcane. They are intrigued by the unexplained and the unknown, seeking to uncover and understand the deeper truths of the magical world.

  • The Tempordia - Upholders of wisdom and history. Members are thoughtful and strategic, drawing on lessons from the past to inform their decisions. They are scholars and guardians of knowledge, valuing patience and a methodical approach to both magical and academic challenges.

  • The Unio Luminae - Characterized by a strong sense of community and teamwork. Members value empathy and collaboration, believing that the best outcomes are achieved together. This Coven is the heart of The Midnight Court, fostering a nurturing and inclusive atmosphere.




The game "The Covens of Midnight" is set to transition from digital to print with the support of the community. The majority of the gameplay and manual are already developed, and the goal is to ensure excellence in every detail before moving into the manufacturing stage, with a target distribution in Spring 2025. After achieving funding targets, the plan is to put the finishing touches on every element of the game in 2024.

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