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Project Update: Railbreak VR & Tailbreak BackerKit Finale! Last Chance to Save and Get Goodies! Stream WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY with GIVEAWAYS!

Hello Survivors!

Our BackerKit campaign for Railbreak VR & Tailbreak is coming to an end at 11:59pm ET on February 29!  That means time is running out for us to meet additional stretch goals and for you to get all kinds of goodies!

If we make it to $12,500 in total raised funds, we'll be adding an in-game developer commentary track DLC in additional to an extra story chapter for the Tailbreak DLC expansion!  Then, at $15,000, we will be able to release Railbreak VR & the Tailbreak DLC for Meta Quest 3!

If you choose to support Railbreak VR & Tailbreak on BackerKit, you'll be able to preorder exactly what you want with an early bird discount!  That means you can get Railbreak VR & Tailbreak for below their final MSRP!

But that's not all!

As you may or may not know, there are a variety of tiers and add-ons available on our BackerKit campaign.  Below are a few of the tiers that we think are super cool!

The Big T-Rex Collection ($65 USD)

Receive digital game codes for Railbreak VR and Tailbreak at launch including access to special game content DLC. This tier also includes a copy of the original non-VR Railbreak, Dinobreak, and the Railbreak Special Kickstarter demo that was private to backers of the Outbreak: Shades of Horror Kickstarter on your supported platform of choice. All non-Railbreak VR and Tailbreak digital codes will be delivered by end of April 2024. This collection is offered at a discount compared to the launch MSRP of all of these items.

Maximum Carnage Franchise Bundle - Includes 7 Physical Games + Trading Cards! ($179 USD)

This tier includes the following ALL SIGNED by the developers:
- Gold Limited Run Trading Card from the Outbreak series
- Silver Limited Run Trading Card from the Outbreak series
- Outbreak: Contagious Memories - PS5
- Outbreak: Contagious Memories - PS4
- Outbreak: Contagious Memories - Switch - Limited Run Games Cover Variant
- Outbreak: Contagious Memories - Switch - Amazon Cover Variant
- Outbreak Collection Part 1 - Switch - Limited Run Games Cover Variant
- Outbreak Collection Part 1 - Switch - Amazon Cover Variant
- Outbreak Collection Part 2
(This tier also includes EVERYTHING from The Big T-Rex Collection)

Shipping is $10 in the United States. $15 outside of the United States. Physical titles will ship to you in April 2024. Trading cards may have different artwork than what is pictured.

Arcade Legend - Includes Signed Sinden Lightgun w/ Rumble + 7 Physical Games & more! ($399 USD, only ONE left as of this post!)

This title includes everything in the Maximum Carnage Franchise Bundle and:

An exclusive Sinden Lightgun with Rumble signed by the developers so you can take on Railbreak and Tailbreak in arcade style! The lightgun color will be random and may be different than the image.

You'll never find a better deal than this, and it's just for the BackerKit campaign!

Shipping is $20 in the United States, $35 outside of the United States. Lightgun and physical games ship in April 2024. Some digital games ship in April 2024, see the earlier tiers for details.

We will be streaming on our Twitch channel this Wednesday AND Thursday night at 7:15pm ET to finish out the campaign! You can expect multiple giveaways on both streams!  We'll be going through Claire A in the N64 version of Resident Evil 2, and we'll even make our way toward the Dreamcast version of Dino Crisis!  If you don't follow us on Twitch already, make sure to follow us there so you can see when you go live!

That's all for today, Survivors!  Thank you for support!  Let's finish out this campaign with a BANG so we can make Railbreak VR & the Tailbreak DLC expansion the best they can possibly be!
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