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Knight Moves Pin Collection

Knight Moves Pin Collection

Cool new pins for current and future Knight Movers!
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Pintopia 2023

This project is part of Pintopia 2023, which runs from January 17th - February 7th 2023. Learn more →



Purchase a pin for yourself or get more as gifts for those who have (or haven't!) been to the café. The more pins you get the more of a discount you will receive!

ONE [1] Pin of your choice = $12

TWO [2] Pins of your choice = $22 ($11 each)

THREE [3] Pins of your choice = $30 ($10 each)
  • Shipping will be charged after the campaign ends and addresses are collected
  • Costs are subject to change based on USPS rates at the time of shipping

Within the USA: $6 for shipping

Outside the USA: $18 for shipping
Due to the unpredictable nature of the shipping and manufacturing process these days, these estimates are subject to change in either direction. We'll send progress updates regularly until fulfilled. 

  • February 7th, 2023 Campaign Ends
  • March 2023, Surveys Sent
  • April 2023, Production
  • May 2023, Shipping

Hi! Devon here from Knight Moves Café. We are a board game café in Boston, and our mission is to create a safe place for community building around our love for games. We started in 2013 and have been bringing people together to play games ever since! Our community is what makes us run, so we designed these pins for our wonderful friends, patrons, and fans - and if you're not one of those yet, we hope to meet you soon!

As a leader in the tabletop gaming community, Knight Moves also hosts the Indie Game Café at cons around the country as part of our commitment to supporting independent game designers.  Recognizing that it can be difficult for smaller publishers to break into the industry, we create a shared space and build bridges between indie designers and larger conventions.

Visit our website at for more info, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!


This project is participating in Pintopia 2023 —  a series of 20 small-scale enamel pin projects from a diverse group of creators collectively launching on Crowdfunding by BackerKit. All Pintopia projects will be LIVE from January 17th at 10 AM PST until February 7th at 1 PM PST.

Since there are so many awesome projects participating in Pintopia, we can’t imagine you’ll choose just one. As a thank-you to those that back multiple projects, BackerKit will be shipping out limited edition pins including some amazing creator-collab pins for FREE to those that reach the following milestones:

A limited edition pin from BackerKit
Let’s make sure each and every Pintopia project gets 100% funded!

A limited edition collaboration pin designed by
Jason Furie (Movie Moths) x Katie Bacigalupi (History of Floral Fads)

A limited edition collaboration pin designed by
AsherBee (Gourmet Ghoulfriends) x Liquid 90s (90s Starter Pack)

A limited edition collaboration pin designed by
If you back this many Pintopia projects you deserve a gold trophy!

Something super special from BackerKit
Wow, if you support each and every project we are going to send you something extra special.
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