Elemental Dragon Plushies

Elemental Dragon Plushies

A set of high quality dragon plushies! Inspired by the elements and the variety found in dragons, they're designed to be cuddly while looking adorable. There's several goals accounting, ranging from the depths of sea to fiery lands.
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Hi, I'm DirtyNoodles! A Vietnamese small business owner based in Australia.

Welcome to my 5th Crowdfunding Campaign, and I am super excited to continue my passion with this new set of plushie designs. Inspired by natural elements, the variety within dragons and it being the year of the dragon, I'm very optimistic about the turnout of this campaign.

As you can see, there's only one sample for Torrent! 

This is because she is the most complex design out of all dragons, and represents the ability of the manufacturer's designers to complete the other designs. There are some adjustments being done as the campaign runs before she is completely perfect, and I will post updates/not proceed with mass manufacturing until the design is nailed completely.
The remaining designs will have samples made throughout the campaign as well!

  • ALL DESIGNS ARE UNLOCKED! You will be able to choose from all designs once the campaign is over!
  • Torrent design is to be changed further (Shown in Sample)
  • All designs might be slightly changed during the sampling stage!
  • Colours might not be exact
  • WINTER has been added as an extra design!


Reference Sheets

For full transparency, here are all the reference sheets provided to the manufacturer so you know exactly what you're getting!


Project Timeline!

  • February - March: Funding and Sample creation
  • March - June/July: Manufacturing/shipping to me
  • July: Orders sent out!

I will notify backers and everyone on my socials about any delays.

No matter the amount raised, these charms will be manufactured and available on my regular store after the campaign. More charm designs will be released as the campaign is in progress (Working on: Cricket, Luna, Swordtail, etc)

Charm designs available:
  • Pride
  • Brick
  • Sunshine
  • Torrent
  • Stars
  • Danger
  • Quibli
  • Moon
  • Winter
  • Blue

No matter the amount raised, these stickers will be manufactured and every order will get one freebie of them!

You cannot order the specific freebie sticker alone by itself!


  • Prices all in AUD!

  • Domestic (Australia) prices have different ranges for plushies, so there are only 3 tiers instead of 4 like all other regions 

  • All shipping is charged after the campaign is over and does not accumulate to raising goals


As mentioned, I've ran previous successful plushie (And smaller) campaigns on Kickstarter!

You can see them below!

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