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d20 Tribute GM Screen

d20 Tribute GM Screen

This d20 Tribute GM Screen is the cumulation of a decade of designing and crafting TTRPG gear.
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Combat Actions,  AOE Template,  PC Tracker, GM Reference.

Inspiration. This d20 Tribute GM Screen is the cumulation of a decade of designing and crafting TTRPG gear. With three flavors to choose from, a fully magnetic break apart system, and a massive array of customization options, this screen will be the pinnacle of your next adventure.

Break apart design. All screens feature a break apart magnetic design for easy storage.

Measurements. Fully assembled the screen is approximately 40 x 9 in. The center panel measures 16 x 9 in. The side panels measure 12 x 9 in.

Pivots. Metal rods attach firmly to powerful magnets on the side of each panel and hold your screen together to allow full rotation of each panel to fit your table and GM style. 

Magnetic System. 20 Embedded magnets on the back of the screen for holding 3 included Plexi panels (two small panels, and one large panel) for note taking or steel bearings for posting charts and tables. 10 Bearings are included with every Screen to pin your papers and notes.

Accessories. All accessories are compatible with our magnetic system and can be arranged in a wide variety of configurations. From inline Dice Towers, to footprint expanding GM Decks, to utility driven Miniatures shelves, we have you covered.

Initiative Trackers. Each screen comes with 6 initiative trackers that sit inline on the top of each panel.

Finish. Available in three finishes: Classic, Blood Magic, and Mosaic. Our finishing process is light fast and will never fade or change.

Protection. All products are double coated with catalyzed lacquer for a lifetime of durability.

Materials. Each panel is crafted from 0.625" solid, kiln dried Curly Maple. Our screens are created from hand selected boards, banded together horizontally to prevent movement of the wood for a lifetime of use.

Guarantee. Like all Dog Might products, the d20 Tribute comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.



The above Shipping Estimates for a single GM Screen. Additional accessories and add-on item will increase the cost. If you want a specific estimate email [email protected] and we will work out the specifics for your location and items.

Note for international backers. Value Added Taxes (VATS) will be applied to your order after the project closes.  All of our shipping costs and import taxes are listed here.

Fulfillment. Production begins in August 2023 with 25 backers per month fulfilled in the order pledges are made. Dog Might has successfully fulfilled over 25 crowdfunding projects.


Bolstering creativity and defending artists.

Our powerhouse team of craftspeople will blow your mind with our gaming gear - we customize EVERYTHING and back it up with outstanding customer service, a lifetime guarantee, live production transparency, and a deep connection with the gaming community.

We are champions of creativity. We believe in safeguarding our artists and craftspeople. We support the community, treat people with respect, and stand up for what is right.

This is our mission.

Some of our industry partners and places you have seen our gear!

See Crafting Results Yourself. The Dog Might SCRY System is a feature that allows our customers to see their order's progress in real time providing the most transparent and honest fulfillment system in the industry. Every backer will receive real time updates via email every time their order moves through our production pipeline.

Each email has a detailed description and behind the scenes look at how we do what we do. You will also be able to see which artisan is working on your item and detail on the particular process in real time. Backers will be emailed when production of their order begins and throughout the process until the order ships. In addition, every backer will be provided a link to our SCRY Page where they can see the real time production of every order in this campaign.

Lifetime Guarantee. Hassle free returns and a lifetime guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will make it right.

A Record of Success

The d20 Tribute is a low risk project for Dog Might Games. With our proven track record of Crowdfunding (25 projects fulfilled!) we can accurately predict all aspects of the process from manufacturing costs, to materials, labor, and timeline.

All of our items are crafted by our team of full time artisans. We are passionate about our work and know that gaming comes first. We use all of our products in our weekly gaming sessions - everything we make has been battle tested. We do everything in house: artwork, modeling, programming, hand selecting lumber, staining, shipping, customer service, and of course, craftsman woodworking.

We strive to maintain total control over all aspects of the project which allows us to maintain the high quality woodworking for which we are known. We have fulfilled a ton of campaigns and have been creating epic gaming gear for a decade.

We overcome challenges every day and are confident that we can fulfill this project with ease. We have also given ourselves plenty of lead time and a ramp up in fulfillment. This project includes access to our SCRY System and live Kickstarter Tracking System guaranteeing you will be informed at every step of the process.

Long-lasting design

Every item crafted by Dog Might is intended for a lifetime of use. Using kiln dried hardwoods and high quality materials guarantees that your item will be on your table for years to come. Every product we make is backed by our Lifetime Guarantee.

Sustainable materials

Dog Might primarily works with local mills that are based in the Mid-West. We also order from one or two online suppliers for rare and special order species.

We have visited and had long conversations with each of these mills and are confident that we are working with some of the best in the business. They have assured us that all of their lumber comes from local, sustainable sources that they have worked with for years, sometimes decades.

They also follow the guidelines put forth by the CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species) and IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) organizations that govern sustainability.

Apart from personally visiting the tree farms that our mills source from, we feel confident that they are sourcing the wood in sustainable and ethical ways.

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