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Project Update: New Stretch Goals & Initial Batch is ordered

Heya all! Hopefully you all had a great start of the week, over here it was a long weekend.
I took some days to consider options to proceed with this campaign, given some of the ideas proposed in this discussion post. You can still contribute to the post for as long as the campaign is running!

Some stuff is already happening behind the scenes

First of all, I think the best investment I can make with the extra funds raised so far is to invest in more prototypes of all the newly unlocked designs, more secure packaging, and to set aside a spare amount just in case I need to redo some of the designs that were so far not prototyped. I've ordered a first set of transfers of all the designs and a whooping total of 40 glass cups already to play around! It will take another week or two before everything arrives, but I will have prototypes before the surveys will come in, so you can make your final decisions based on real products and not mock-ups.
I'm also testing individual cardboard boxes for each glass as an added layer of protection + a more cute unboxing experience. 

1000€: Extra magnetic bookmark for all backers!

If we reach 1000, all backers receive one magnetic bookmark of their choice from the soda collection! They'll be 6.5cm (2.5"). And it's very within reach :)

You will be able to opt out of this freebie if you have no use for it.
Once it's unlocked, you will also have the option to upgrade to getting the full set via add-on. The "Give me everything" tier will have all four for free.

1500€: Bamboo Lids are getting printed too

At 1200, I will make little designs for the lid that match the main designs. All designs except the classic tea series will receive individual designs, the classic tea series will all get the same lid design since they all also have the same background decoration and are meant to be a bit more similar.
My idea for the lids is to not include any character work in there but draw little crescent-shaped arrangement of each design's background elements - just some accents to make the product come together visually a bit more!
This upgrade will be optional and you can select if you want plain lids or printed ones.

2000€: Journals become available as Add-Ons

Lastly, if we reach 2000 I will offer handmade journals as well.  Approx. 15x15cm, 50 sheets (blank/dotted), with reusable rings so you can switch out the paper if needed. 

What about the shirts

The only thing I couldn't really fit into this from the suggestions is shirts - but the reason for that is that there's no need to put them in the stretch goals, as I have a Supergeek shop that already has many of my designs. They have a variety of garments such as shirts (unisex, girlies, fair trade, ...) as well as different hoodies. They don't ship everywhere but I can of course act as a proxy if you want some! Note that shirts are relatively heavy and it might up your shipping cost by a bit. 

And that's it for now! I hope these goals are interesting and fun for you all, I'm personally excited about them and I think at least the bookmark tier is very within reach soon already :) 

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