33: The Complete Collages of LAZERos

33: The Complete Collages of LAZERos

More than just a collection, this book will feature all 33 pieces of the HIVE series with commentary, early 'proto-HIVE' collages, physical collage, unfinished projects, and more!
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The Complete Collages of LAZERos in Hardcover and Softcover

"33: The Complete Collages of LAZERos" is a project I have had in mind since 2020- a collection of all 33 HIVE collages, along with lots of extra content from the cutting room floor and rarely seen 'proto-HIVE' collages that pre-date my artistic alter-ego.

This artistic journey has been a strange and unexpected chapter in my life, and I wanted to gather up all of the pieces and present them in a project that would preserve them outside of the digital realm and help me stretch creatively- it turns out putting a book and campaign is a lot of work!

Thank you for checking this campaign out, and reach out if you have any questions! If you are unfamiliar with my collages, you can see the entire HIVE series and more



Supporter Pledge

Supporter ($3)

If you want to support the project but are strapped for cash, a $3 pledge will still mean the world to me, and you'll get your name in the book, same as all of the other fat cats!


Standard Edition Pledges

Standard Edition Softcover, Outside & Inside

Standard Edition ($33)

Receive a signed softcover copy of '33,' documenting the HIVE series from beginning to end with commentary, as well as never-before-seen collage work.

Standard Edition Softcover

Standard Edition Bundle ($66)

Get three signed softcover copies of '33' for the price of two, perfect for sharing with fellow art enthusiasts.

Standard Edition Softcover Bundle


Deluxe Edition Pledges

Deluxe Edition Hardcover, Open with Dust Jacket Removed

Deluxe Edition ($99, Limited to 30)

A deluxe hardcover edition of '33,' offering an upgraded visual experience. Signed and numbered out of 33 copies.

Deluxe Edition Hardcover

Deluxe Edition Art Package ($333, Limited to 3)

Alongside a hardcover copy of '33,' receive an original cut & paste HIVE collage of your choice.

Deluxe Edition Hardcover and Original Collage

Early Bird Reward

Back any physical pledge within the first 48 hours to get both a special holographic 'laztronaut' sticker (like the Add-on sticker, but free and extra psychedelic) and a '33' bookmark, with Deseret Alphabet key to easily interpret some passages in the book!

Sticker and Bookmark



Add-ons are an awesome way to give additional support to the campaign after pledging!

4" Sticker ($3)

A ~4"x4" weatherproof vinyl sticker featuring the 'laztronaut' design from the cover of the book.

An affordable way to support the campaign!

4" Sticker

Standard Edition ($33)

Receive an extra softcover copy of '33,' documenting the HIVE series from beginning to end with commentary, as well as never-before-seen collage work.

Standard Softcover Edition

Limited Edition T-Shirt ($33)

A 100% cotton t-shirt with printed front chest and back designs. 

Available sizes S-2XL. Exclusive to this campaign!

Limited Edition T-Shirt

Limited Edition Sweatshirt ($66)

A 100% cotton exterior sweatshirt with embroidered front chest design and printed back.

Available sizes S-2XL. Exclusive to this campaign!

Limited Edition Sweatshirt



The journey to bring '33' to you is underway, with an estimated arrival by May 2024. I'm committed to ensuring quality and care in every step, from printing to delivery.



I'm working to keep shipping costs as affordable as possible, with estimated rates around $5-10 for the USA and $10-$20 for worldwide deliveries, depending on pledge and add-ons. Stay tuned for more precise details.

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