Words of Radiance Leatherbound by Brandon Sanderson

Words of Radiance Leatherbound by Brandon Sanderson

Words of Radiance, the second in Brandon Sanderson's epic series The Stormlight Archive, arrives in leatherbound! You can also join in for a New Secret Project, Dragonsteel Prime, The Way of Kings Prime (Second Edition), spren plushies, and more!
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Hello, all! Brandon here. I’m thrilled to be able to finally release for you this beautiful edition of Words of Radiance. This book is very special to me, as it proved to me that I really could make the Stormlight Archive work. Book one was a rewrite of a book from years before, and I’d never approached this second installment—which is always the most challenging part of a series. What next? 
Arguably, though, this is the strongest book in the entire series. To have your second book be that... Well, I love how people embraced the world and characters through Words of Radiance (the book that always—in the back of my head—will be secretly called the Book of Endless Pages). It was, I believe, my first #1 New York Times Bestseller, at least on my own. It is the book that truly “made” the cosmere. 
Our team has given it, I believe, the attention it truly deserves. I think you’ll love it. And, of course, there’s another secret something in this campaign I’ve been planning for years. So I can’t wait for you all to have a look at that... 
Thank you, as always, for your enthusiasm.  – Brandon 

If you thought this campaign was only for the Words of Radiance leatherbound, then lash your socks on tight. We have some surprises that just might blow them off…

Your Next Leatherbound

The Words of Radiance leatherbound will come in a beautiful two volume set, the first of which is signed. These books are bound in the same genuine leather as The Way of Kings leatherbound. The Words of Radiance leatherbound also includes a cloth-covered slipcase with the Stormlight Archive® symbol in a striking red foil and lush red interior lining.

Each volume begins with an 8-page gallery of full-color artwork, including cover illustrations from around the world, commissioned pieces, and top-notch fan art. Also included are front and end papers by Michael Whelan and Howard Lyon, chapter arches by Jian Guo, and incredible pieces capturing some of the most epic (and hilarious) moments from this beloved story. Your imagination will be captured by the works of artists such as Isaac Stewart, Ashley Coad, Magali Villeneuve, Dan Dos Santos, Marie Seeberger, Steve Argyle, and more. And while you get lost in daydreams, you don't have to worry about losing your spot! Each volume is bound with a satin ribbon bookmark.

A New Project

He Did it Again...

That’s right. A NEW Secret Project by Brandon Sanderson. We won’t tell you too much about it yet—after all, we want the story to speak for itself—but just know you won’t want to miss out. This will be another premium hardcover of similar quality and style to the secret project novels from our last campaign. Expect a gorgeous cover, beautiful interior artwork, and yes, another epic story.

Stay tuned to our updates. Before the end of the campaign, Brandon will do a reading and title reveal to give you a sneak peek at what’s to come.

If you just want to pick up the New Secret Project, the $50 New Secret Project Box tier is just for you!

Making History: The New Secret Project Audiobook

It's coming to Audible! Dragonsteel is excited to be a part of a historic change affecting the future of the audiobook publishing industry. After many conversations and a lot of hard work, Brandon has negotiated better terms coming later this year for authors publishing on Audible. You can read more about it in Brandon's most recent blog post! This marks a major shift in the market and we are proud to be at the forefront of this movement.

As part of this campaign, all backers with Audible accounts will receive a redemption code for the New Secret Project if they pledged for an applicable tier or add-on. (If you don’t have an account, you can make one for free.) Additionally, all applicable backers will receive files in MP3 and M4B formats.

For those interested in the audiobook, it can be acquired at the $20 tier and is automatically included at the $650 tier. It can also be purchased separately to your pledge as an add-on for $15.

Shipping Disclaimer

Tiers and add-ons that include the New Secret Project premium hardcover are anticipated to ship mid 2025.

If you missed our Secret Project campaign and want to see the beauty of these premium hardcover books, you can experience them for yourself here.


Sanderson Curiosities

Dragonsteel Prime

A story that was once only accessible in the vaults of the BYU Library is lined up to join your Sandershelf. This novel takes place on Yolen and follows a young man named Jerick, as well as prominently featuring a fool who calls himself Topaz, who you may recognize by one of his many other names. The second half includes Brandon’s first attempt at the Bridge Four story, with characters including Rock and Gaz but a different bridgeleader in Kaladin’s role. Written immediately after Elantris in 2001, it’s a non-canon peek at what might have been, and a favorite among Brandon’s earliest readers.

The ebook and audiobook will be distributed for free to all fans (timeline to be determined), but you can pick up the physical hardcover in the add-on section or in the “Signed Words of Radiance Leatherbound + 1 Radiant Pack + 1 Backer Pack + Books” tier and up.

The Way of Kings Prime (Second Edition) - ADD-ON ONLY

You’ve been asking for it and we’re happy to oblige. The second edition of The Way of Kings Prime is here, complete with a new, redesigned exterior (the interior text has not changed). This book, originally written in 2002, is wildly different from the novel you know today; in this version a prototype of Kaladin—then named Merin—saves Elhokar’s life and becomes a Shardbearer, and a madman claiming to be the Herald Taln arrives to announce the coming of the Return. Though this is not a canonical story within the Cosmere, if you haven’t read it before, get ready to explore an early vision of Roshar!



$650 Tier - Words of Radiance Leatherbound (Signed and Numbered) + New Secret Project Box + Dragonsteel Prime + 10 Radiant Packs + 1 Backer Pack 

This all-in tier will include anything that's available as a pledge reward from the lower tiers ($325 and below), the new secret project audiobook, and one of each Radiant pack (includes pin, coin, charm, decal, and banner). Act quick! This signed and numbered tier is limited to only 4,900 backers! 

$650 Tier - Words of Radiance Leatherbound + New Secret Project Box + Dragonsteel Prime + 10 Radiant Packs + 1 Backer Pack

Just like the above tier, this tier includes a signed (but not numbered) Words of Radiance leatherbound, New Secret Project Box, the Dragonsteel Prime hardcover, one Radiant pack of each order, and a backer pack!

$325 Tier  - Words of Radiance Leatherbound + New Secret Project Box + Dragonsteel Prime + 1 Radiant Pack + 1 Backer Pack

This tier includes the Words of Radiance leatherbound, the New Secret Project Box, the Dragonsteel Prime hardcover, one Radiant pack (Radiant order chosen in backer survey), and a Backer pack.

$250 Tier - Words of Radiance Leatherbound ONLY

For those wanting to pick up the book but not any of the additional swag, this tier is for you!

$250 Tier - Words of Radiance Leatherbound + 1 Radiant Pack + 1 Backer Pack

This tier includes a Backer pack and one Radiant pack (selected in your backer survey after the end of the campaign).

$50 Tier - New Secret Project Box

Get ready for a new, gorgeous premium hardcover of a brand new book by Brandon Sanderson. Make sure to pick this up now for BackerKit exclusive pricing.

$20 Tier - New Secret Project Ebook + New Secret Project Audiobook

Whether you're listening or reading along on your ereader, transport yourself to far-future Cosmere destinations with the digital files of the New Secret Project.

$10 Tier - New Secret Project Ebook

Start a digital adventure with Brandon's New Secret Project!

Want to know what is in a Radiant pack? The following items will be themed to your order:

  • 1x Zinc alloy spren character pin
  • 1x Zinc alloy spren coin
  • 1x Zinc alloy Radiant Order charm set
  • 1x Radiant Order decal sheet 
  • 1x Radiant Order banner 

Not a Windrunner? Go to the add-on section to see what your pack would look like!

You can always update your pledge while the campaign is live! Be sure to take a look at the add-on section to customize your pledge. More on these in the next section!



Add-ons can be selected during checkout while the campaign is live, or when completing your backer survey after the campaign has closed!* Your Spren plushie awaits!

*Add-ons ship separately from pledge rewards. Shipping costs are calculated by weight in the pledge manager upon completing your backer survey.

Want to add our other leatherbounds to your Sandershelf? They are all in stock now! See them here. 

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Shipping & Payment

Timeline and Insights

At this point you are probably wondering how your rewards are going to be delivered. Below is our projected fulfillment timeline.

Tiers that include the Words of Radiance leatherbound, add-ons, and the New Secret Project Box will ship separately from one another. Below are the estimated timelines for these shipments:

Fulfillment 1 – Fulfillment begins Fall of 2024
  • Tiers including the Words of Radiance Leatherbound
  • Tiers including the Dragonsteel Prime Hardcover

Fulfillment 2 – Fulfillment begins Fall of 2024
  • Add-ons

Fulfillment 3 – Fulfillment begins mid 2025
  • New Secret Project Box

We're confident in our projections, but you can expect that we'll keep you posted if anything changes, so be sure to watch our campaign updates!

Add-on Disclaimer

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You know the drill—there is always a chance for risks outside our control (production delays, shipping, etc.) but you also know us. We’ve run two highly successful campaigns that have delivered with minimal delays and quality products. We promise to do our part and strive for the same excellence with this one. Just remember that you are responsible for following campaign updates, as we'll be communicating critical information relevant to the campaign in those posts.

Early Stage Production

While we have begun receiving the Words of Radiance leatherbounds and will continue to receive shipments for the next few months, all of the swag items are still in various stages of design/production and the New Secret Project is under revision. We're excited to say that we already have an awesome artist selected for this project! Believe us, this book will be something special! 


Holdups in the various stages of the production process (e.g., edits, artwork revisions, material shortages, etc.) could affect the delivery of your shipments. If you’re ever worried about timeliness, just remember that quality takes time and we’d only ever delay a shipment to make sure you are getting the best we can offer.

Other Factors

Other unforeseen factors have the potential of delaying fulfillment and will be handled to the best of our ability as they arise. In the case of something occurring that we didn't plan for, we will do our best to be transparent and communicate with you if we anticipate any delays. And, don’t worry, we’ve made sure to investigate any risks of spontaneous combustion. We’ve been assured by experts that they’re minimal.

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