Heya let's summarise and be open here... - The campaign started without stretch goals but clearly stating they would come - Dynamite mentioned that they prefer to keep your own pace without revealing them - Terminator Resistance - Zero Day Exploit is NOT part of the current license(s) Dynamite has acquired. They asked... - Dynamite let us know that stretch goals are limited, supposedly limited to the comics that this campaign is about. - your break even point is around the 150K mark - a slipcase for the hardcover set might be a stretch goal or an add on depending on expected sales of the set of hard covers - oversized versions as stretch goal are being looked into - customs friendly shipping is being looked into - At this level (of funding?) it's unclear if the metal covers will ever make it into stores - a matte look(as opposed to uv spot finish?) is being looked into - nothing much has been confirmed (or denied) about the possibility of digital editions That's what I was able to find. Mind you: I'm on mobile and BackerKit is not the nicest platform on mobile so I may have missed one or two things.

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