PARA The Roleplaying Game

PARA The Roleplaying Game

PARA is a paranormal horror TTRPG, but there’s more to it than just that. It’s also about discovery, hope, and acceptance. About found family.
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PARA is a personal horror TTRPG that goes beyond simple monster battles or ghost hunting. 

Discover the dark secrets of the paranormal world hidden in plain sight, and perhaps discover yourself along the way.

Play young outcasts, the freaks, geeks, and outsiders that have been ostracized their whole lives because of the weird occurrences that plague their every step.

Starting anew at college and far from the familiar places you once considered ordinary, can you find acceptance and form friendships despite these strange powers?

Learn about your abilities together, how to better control them, and how to utilize them in ways you never could have on your own.

Starting a new life at Hastur College may be exciting, but the old university has its own dark and mysterious past. 

Explore the campus and stumble upon a series of Paranormal encounters hinting at the school’s sinister history. You and your new friends will set out to unravel the secrets of Hastur, all while trying to balance your studies and your newfound social life. 

The upperclassmen may try to dissuade you from digging too deep – the choice is yours whether you follow their advice or take matters into your own hands. Only time will tell which will protect you from the paranormal entities coming to claim you as their next victim.

Beyond our physical understanding of the world, mirrored alongside the things that we see, hear, or touch lies ...something else.
You've seen it your whole life. 

More than just see, you have experienced it, lived it, feared it.
Unseen beings, hidden atrocities, secret things lurked in the dark corners that only you seemed to be able to see. Family, friends, and trusted adults around you dismissed the things you claimed as simply an overactive imagination. 

You grew older, but never grew out of it. The labels of “clever,” “sensitive,” and “gifted” soon gave way to harsher ones - “quirky,” “strange,” “weird,” “crazy,” “possessed.” So often and so casually were these words thrown about, you might have believed them to be true. 
Over time you became alienated from those around you. Maybe you tried to mask your abilities, hide the real you, try to be seen as “normal.” But you know the truth, and the things that hide in the dark won't ever let you forget. 

You are and always were PARA.

The game has been play-tested end to end over the last 18 months. Countless one-shots at cons, game stores and people's homes have been played along with two separate campaign runs playing the Hastur College sandbox all the way through. 

Player and GM feedback has been glowing and the game is done! 

As mentioned early the game is done. Layout is underway and the PDF will go out by April 2024. The physical books, and Tarot deck should be set to ship by June 2024. 

Available as an Add on, the Eerie Tarot was designed with expressive artwork evoking the haunting paranormal elements of PARA. Perfect inspiration for gameplay, to use for readings, or simply to admire the beautiful images.

78 exquisite full size Tarot cards with Silver Foil, 300 gsm Art Paper, and a Matte Finish. 

Increase your game options and pick up Alternate Road . Offering an additional campaign setting and 3 one-shot adventures, this add-on book offers additional out of the box play options for you and your group. 


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