Ellen Million
27 days ago

Project Update: Sneak preview and supporting other independent artists!

A Unicorn Key campaign is coming in less than THREE WEEKS! I'm over here breathing into a paper bag and trying not to panic. It still feels completely unreal to hold these cards in my hands. (And I can't wait until they are in YOUR hands!) It really will be a dream come true. 

I've got the Companion Guidebook proof copies on order and I'm so excited to see it in print! Here's a sneak preview of the cover:

Companion Guidebook cover!

Thank you so much for following along! I've added a FAQ section to my webpage to answer common questions you may have: https://www.ellenmillion.com/unicornkey.php Please share the project and the page with anyone you know who might be interested in having a unicorn deck of their own! <3

And if you don't have enough gorgeous decks in your collection, check out 78 Tarot's 10th anniversary deck - I have one of my favorite cards in this set: the 7 of cups!

7 of cups!

Back the project here - there are only a few hours left!! We're almost to unlocking a second artist's pay raise! https://www.backerkit.com/c/projects/78-tarot/limited-edition-78-tarot-10th-anniversary-deck-a-celebration-of-global-tarot-art/





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