Noir Miaw

Noir Miaw

A hard enamel pin collection featuring an enigmatic black cat full of moods, mischief & charm. Express your inner cat with mini Expreshun pins to pair with your favorite Miaws.
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✦ April 18: Backerkit campaign ends
✦ End of April: Backerkit surveys are sent. This is where you will select your mIaw pins. 
✦ May: Backerkit funds are released & pins are sent into production. 
✦ June - August: Quality check and finalizing production
✦ September: Miaws and their moods arrive at their new home

The inception of Noir Miaw traces back to the doodles on my desk during my early days as a graphic designer & illustrator. Those expressive eyes sparked my creativity, and I knew I wanted to craft something truly special with this enigmatic black cat. Placing the initial sketches on my fridge served as a daily reminder, and in 2012, I breathed life into the first vectors.

Navigating the challenges of launching a project back then was no small feat. Time was a scarce resource, yet the commitment to Noir Miaw persisted. Through iterations and varied approaches, the project evolved, adapting to the twists and turns of its creative journey. Despite changes in concept and delivery, one constant emerged—Noir Miaw's unmistakable "catitud," a defining characteristic that has shaped this collection into what it is today.

I have exciting plans to create more elements and merchandise, expanding Noir Miaw's range of emotions and 'expreshuns.' Your support not only brings these pins to life but lays the foundation for an ever-growing collection. Thank you for joining me on this creative adventure!

All pins will be produced with the following specs:

✦ Hard Enamel • Black Nickel Plated
✦ Pantone Colors
✦ Back Stamped with Logo
✦ Includes backing card and protective sleeve


As a graphic designer, illustrator, and painter, I've immersed myself in a world of creativity. Alongside my current business partner, we founded a graphic design & development studio, collaborating on diverse projects ranging from website development to children's book illustrations, creating a rich tapestry of design experiences.

Amidst this journey, I birthed ElmTree Studio—a personal haven for unleashing the imaginative creations I've cultivated. Starting with Noir Miaw, it's a space where I explore and bring to life the unique and enchanting ideas that pop-up.

My collaborative ventures extend to GeekHive Labs, where I've played the role of graphic designer and creative consultant, joining forces with a creative mastermind and best friend I have been able to grow a love for pins, games, collectibles, bringing ideas to life, and creating imaginative concepts. Now, with PinTopia 2, the opportunity to embark on my own project and collaborate with my favorite creator has arrived, and I'm excited to share this passion-filled adventure with you.

Jen, ElmTree Studio


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