Your character in a Fatum Card! New Commissioned Cards Add-ons available!"
Fatum - GM's Oracle

Fatum - GM's Oracle

Fatum - GM's Oracle empowers you to shape adventures by determining character origins, quest rewards, and NPC intentions. Peer into lives, unleash a multiverse of options, and seamlessly integrate with other decks for expansive storytelling.
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Discover GM Oracle, a 70-card illustrated deck that serves as your storytelling companion and wellspring of inspiration. With its beautifully crafted illustrations, this deck acts as both an oracle and a catalyst for igniting your imagination, helping you craft compelling stories and adventures.

GM Oracle has different categories which can be identified by the color of the back of the card:
  • Characters
  • Events
  • Deities
  • Equipment 

Tha cards size in the deck is French-tarot size (61 mm x 112 mm), so any standard card sleeve will fit perfectly.

It is always possible to draw at random a single card to reveal the answer to a simple question: To which class does the character that has just appeared belong? What is their faith? Whom do they worship? What event will the adventurer encounter on the following day?

Alternatively, you can consult the tables in the booklet to randomly create NPCs, traps, encounters, treasures, or missions.
If your goal is to create the start, the hook, or the seed to a story, GM Oracle provides a more thorough and complex method for creating them.

"The GM Oracle system transcends conventional storytelling decks with its intuitive design and breathtaking illustrations. Dive into specialized categories that ignite creativity, even in the face of creative blocks. Let your imagination soar like never before."

The enchanting artwork splashed across these cards is all thanks to the incredible talent of Esther Sanz. Her brush strokes bring each image to life, infusing them with a captivating charm that's hard to resist. 

And hey, fun fact – Esther's exclusive artwork isn't just on the 70 cards of GM Oracle; it also graces over more than 260 cards from our previous projects!

The booklet contains rules for generating stories and elements by drawing multiple cards. The generators are the following:

  • NPCs: generate a character, usually a non-player or secondary character.
  • TREASURES: generate treasures or rewards.
  • TRAPS: generate traps that will hinder the heroes’ progress.
  • ENCOUNTERS: generate the encounter with a random creature, who could be friendly or hostile.
  • QUESTS: generate missions that the group of adventurers could or must accomplish. It is very useful when time is limited or when facing a creative block. 

The booklet is presented in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and German

With every physical copy of GM Oracle, you'll also be gifted two mesmerizing color prints that bring your adventures to life in vivid detail. As an extra touch of elegance, you'll also receive a stunning "Patron" print, expertly gold-stamped to add a touch of magic to your collection.

These prints, all sized A6 (5.8 x 4.1 inches) (148 x 105mm), serve as tokens of our appreciation to our backers.

"I already have previous Fatum material. What does GM Oracle bring to me?"

GM Oracle seamlessly integrates with all existing Fatum cards, broadening the horizons of your storytelling adventures. To incorporate GM Oracle into your game, simply follow the same process as with Fatum decks: shuffle all decks of the colors indicated to the right of the slash to answer your questions.

Here's what you'll be adding to your collection:

  • Obtain cards with revised gender representations for character classes.
  • Access 32 new event cards (including some with double-sided effects).
  • Explore new categories of Deity and Equipment cards, perfect for complementing your characters created with Fatum.

Why have the card request icons changed?

As part of our ongoing commitment to inclusivity, we've implemented a significant update to the card request icons. This change aims to improve accessibility for individuals with color perception challenges. Now, in addition to being differentiated by color, the icons feature unique shapes, ensuring clarity and ease of identification for all players.


FATUM is a powerful yet easy tool to create full-fledged RPG characters.

Our first Kickstarter was built with fantastic and epic roleplaying game systems in mind. We have now improved our system so it can be used in a great variety of roleplaying systems as well as to fuel other artistic creations, whether you are a writer, a screenwriter, or an illustrator.

is beautifully illustrated with exclusive artwork carefully designed to delight game masters and players alike!

Enjoy creating new characters and their own unique stories. In no time, you will have a full-developed chronicle for your PC (or NPC!). The FATUM deck allows you to:

  • Create characters and their linked stories in a short time.
  • Come up with a quick yet full story for an NPC (Non-Player Character) when suddenly required on the table.
  • Build a character’s story on the fly for a game in progress.
  • Finish your partially created stories quickly and randomly later.

cards are French-tarot size (61 mm x 112 mm), so any standard card sleeve will fit perfectly.

Cards are divided into six categories: Characters, Backgrounds, Bonds, Events, Places and Races.

All cards from the same category have the same back and each category’s back is different, which makes it easy to identify!

Creating the character’s story is fast and easy following the instructions.

Example with 2022's Dark Myths edition. 


Storytellers have always traveled from place to place, sharing their stories and legends. Do you find yourself burdened with too many Fatum cards to carry around? With this box, you can store your entire collection comfortably and neatly, ensuring it's ready to be transported wherever your imagination takes you.

At Fatum Cards, we believe that a product like ours should not only be stored in a simple and practical solution but also in a beautiful and unique manner, with a functional and elegant design. The "Storyteller's Box" offers an exceptional way to keep your cards organized and protected, allowing you to take all the magic of Fatum Cards with you on any adventure you embark on.



  • Fatum Fantasy: Focuses on creating fantasy characters.
  • Fatum Dark Myths: Focuses on creating horror characters in contemporary settings. Inspired by Lovecraft's world.
  • Fatum Eastern Winds: Focuses on creating characters in feudal Japan combined with fantasy.


  • Mythological Races: Cards featuring exotic races.
  • Gothic Punk: Cards focused on gothic settings of vampires and werewolves.
  • SCIFI: Cards centered on futuristic and space settings.
  • Steampunk: Cards focused on steampunk settings.
  • Epic Paths: Cards focused on epic campaigns.


Do you think creating characters with Fatum is fun?

Try mixing any of our Basic Decks (Fatum or Dark Myths) with any of the expansions included in the Fatum Collection or in the GM Oracle. It has never been easier to customize your Fatum deck to give a different touch to your setting.

Would you love to play in a universe of infinite clouds of hot vapor?  Try mixing our Fatum deck with our Steampunk and Gothic-Punk expansions, you got it! A rocking Full metal fantasy!

Would you love to explore distant worlds dotted with hints of horror and oppressive environments? Try mixing our new Dark Myths deck with the Sci-fi expansion.

Or maybe leather Raincoats while letting yourself be carried away by the rage of a dark modern world suit you better. Then you must mix our Dark Myths with the Gothic-Punk expansion.

Our cards offer you limitless possibilities. Take from the full collection the card that suits best your own setting and let the wheel of fortune decide the fate of your new characters!


"The following table provides a concise and easily readable overview of what each pledge level includes."

Elevate your gaming experience with our versatile playmat, designed to enhance your draws from both the GM Oracle and Fatum character creator decks. Effortlessly switch between decks by simply adjusting the orientation of the playmat and placing the cards in the designated slots.

Crafted in neoprene, this playmat offers not only a striking design but also unparalleled durability and comfort. With dimensions of 14” x 11.4” x 0.1” (360x290x3mm), it provides ample space for your cards while maintaining a sleek and compact profile.

Organize all your role-playing campaign details into easy-to-access sections, whether you're a Dungeon Master or a player. This sturdy hardcover book features elegant gold stamping and is available in multiple languages: English, Spanish, German, and French. Sized at A5 (8.3 x 5.8 inches or 21 x 14.8 cm), it contains 120 pages of high-quality bone-colored paper, including 2 pages of vibrant color stickers.

Designed to enhance any game and setting, the campaign journal includes:

  • 15 pages for main plot details
  • 23 pages for subplots
  • 12 pages for story seeds (totaling 120 seeds)
  • 12 pages for character profiles (covering 24 characters)
  • 18 pages for NPCs (featuring 54 characters)
  • 14 pages for notes
  • 10 pages for events (offering 110 event slots)
  • 5 pages for spells (with space for 40 spells)
  • 8 pages for maps


The team has been doign a hard work, and we're excited to announce that all the content is nearly ready for the campaign. The cards illustrations and are meticulously crafted, the layout and design of components are beign polished, and we've received numerous prototypes that we are eager to show. 

Additionally, we're thrilled to report that our progress extends beyond the visuals. Overall, our campaign preparation stands at an impressive 85% completion. While we've always prided ourselves on being a reliable company with the ability to deliver in under a year, this time, we've taken our readiness to new heights.

Take this timeline as a guide and an approach, lot of things can overcome and as we have learned from our previous campaigns for sure we will face some unexpected obstacles and delays:

  • Backerkit funds proccesing: April
  • Pre-production & Production phase: Second quarter of 2024
  • Logistic & Transportation: We expect July / August 2024
  • Shipping phase: September / October 2024

The packaging, shipping and handling of the Rewards will be done by ourselves in our warehouse at Fatum Studio S.L. offices. We have negotiated good shipping conditions and this allows us to apply our quality control to the materials used both in packaging and protection of the goods.

Shipping fees will be added after the campaign, during the Pledge Manager phase here on Backerkit

Please understand these shipping "estimates" are just that: estimates. We cannot foresee the price fluctuations over the next months. Shipping prices have escalated exponentially in the last 4 years, all stemming from the COVID crisis and the subsequent container crises and current pre-war states. We will do our best to keep shipping as low as possible by partially covering the cost for international shipments.

The shipping fees will be calculated based on the products’ weight and the destination country. The estimates below are the approximated cost of the shipping range at this moment:

Please note that shipping costs may increase if large-sized add-ons, such as the neoprene playmat, are included. However, the All-In tier already accounts for this pricing.

As reference for each zones, here are some example countries included in each zone, feel free to ask for your country if you are in a different one:

  • Europe Zone A: Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Ireland, Netherlands, Hungary, Denmark, Austria, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Switzerland
  • Europe Zone B: Norway, Greece, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia
  • Europe Zone C: Finland, Romania, Bulgaria
  • Worldwide Zone A: China, Australia, Cyprus, Iceland, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Malta, Thailand, Turkey, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapur
  • Worldwide Zone B: Chile, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago, Argentina, French Polynesia, United Arab Emirates

This project is EU-friendly. Backers from EU do not have to pay import taxes. For all other international destinations, backers will be responsible for any local import duties or taxes.

Unfortunately, import laws, customs and actual war or pre-war states, in some specific countries have made it impossible for us to ship to them. We do not ship to: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Iran, Iraq, North Korea,  and Syria.

We also cannot ship to P.O. Boxes or armed forces areas, In these cases, please use a residential address in your country, or contact us privately to find the nearest solution or shipping point. (thank you for your service to the country!)

Over the past several years, we've embarked on an incredible journey together, running 3 projects on Kickstarter. Kickstarter has always been a cherished home for us. However, as we evolve and seek ways to enhance our backers' experience, we've decided to make a significant move to BackerKit.

From the very first time we utilized BackerKit, we were impressed by their robust assets, post-campaign management capabilities, and the unparalleled level of customization and back-end options they offer to creators. It became evident to us that BackerKit has not only been a reliable partner but also a platform that aligns seamlessly with our vision for Fatum Cards.

This transition is simply a step to explore new horizons with BackerKit. We believe that this shift will not only enhance our campaign management but will also provide our community with a more seamless and tailored experience.

One thrilling aspect we've noticed is the flourishing community on BackerKit, especially within the tabletop gaming realm. The rapidly growing community, specifically focused on avid role-playing gamers, perfectly aligns with the essence of Fatum Cards. We are enthusiastic about the prospect of our project thriving within this vibrant and dedicated gaming ecosystem

As always, we're entrusting our marketing campaign to the expert hands of Backerkit, a trusted ally who has consistently supported and believed in us. Their expertise and dedication ensure that our campaign reaches its full potential, and we're grateful for their ongoing partnership.


Esther Sanz - Lead/ Designer/ Artist

Fatum GM-Oracle and Fatum Story Teller Box is written, designed and illustrated by Spanish artists Esther Sanz, and produced by the independent studio Fatum Studio S.L. (Fatum products, Masquerade Tarot)

Esther Sanz is a professional illustrator and art director. In the last years, Esther worked in Nosolorol, Spanish publisher of RPGs and other gaming products, during 5 years. Esther has also worked as a colorist in comics released by top publishers:  Marvel, IDW and Dynamite. She has also illustrated roleplaying games and board games for Whitewolf, Mongoose  and Edge Entertainment.

Photo by Daniel Grueso Espinar. Edit by Gemma Ariadna Piñero Johnson

FATUM STUDIO S.L. is an independent studio founded by Esther Sanz. Among the games, we have Fatum: Character creator Deck, Fatum Dark Myths, Masquerade Tarot. Products that have been sold in more than 20 countries, and that are currently among the best-selling RPG items in the best national stores in Spain (Gigamesh, Atlántica Juegos, Mathom...)

All FATUM products has a stunning tarot-style artwork, strongly focused on the design and colors. The design takes the beauty of the sacred geometry, giving it a modern twist.

Special thanks to "our oracle", actress Gemma Ariadna Piñero Johnson for lending us her great talent and voice for the presentation video.

We understand the importance and nuances of language when it comes to fantasy narratives. That's why we've enlisted the expertise of professional translators who have worked with us on previous editions of Fatum:

  • Natasha Ocampo ([email protected]) is handling the translation into English and French.
  • Holger Buetschle is responsible for the German translation.

As native Spanish speakers at Fatum Studio, we have personally overseen the Spanish text.


Our refund policy aims to be as simple as possible—no questions asked. But there are some things you need to know.

Any pledge can be refunded in full up to 14 days after the Kickstarter campaign has come to a close.

For refund requests made more than 14 days after the Kickstarter, we will only be able to refund 85% of the pledged amount. The 15% that cannot be refunded are the irrecoverable fees collected by Kickstarter, our credit card processing company, and our pledge manager for processing your order.

During the course of our production of your rewards, we will make updates announcing pending shipping dates. We will continue to offer a refund minus the fees – a total of 85% of the amount pledged – between the end of the Pledge Manager and the date on which the products enter into manufacturing. Once we have begun packing and shipping orders, we will no longer be able to process refund requests.
If for any reason we are unable to deliver any part of your order, we will refund the pledged amount for this item in full, regardless of the date.

Once we start the Pledge Manager, we will announce the deadline for the order confirmation. If you do not log in to the Pledge Manager and confirm your pledge in that system within the deadline notified via email, it is assumed you agree that we have fulfilled our obligations to you in full for payment or donations received. However, we may, at our discretion, refund or ship your pledge if you contact us and confirm your pledge.

Unconfirmed pledges make it difficult for us to plan production and logistics, and in the past have led to project delays. If you confirm your pledge within the deadline of our notification sent via email, you agree that our responsibility to you is to ship your order as entered into our pledge manager system, that title and risk passes to you upon delivery to a common carrier for such shipment, and you are responsible for import duties or any other duties that may be payable to the relevant tax authorities, providing correct address information and ensuring this address is deliverable by normal methods.


If you open your game and see that something is missing or broken, our customer service team will work hard to get you the replacement parts and make things right. Simply contact us at [email protected]. Note: Warranty does not cover accidental damage, theft, loss, or any other event that is not a manufacturing defect.

By pledging to this project, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • The rewards being created for this project are a “work-in-progress,” and the appearance, content, and materials of the rewards shipped are subject to change and may differ from what is shown or described during the Kickstarter project.
  • You are obligated to finalize your pledge and pay any shipping fees due by the closing date of the pledge manager. If you do not, then you may not receive your rewards by the expected delivery date, nor will you be entitled to a refund. We may, at our discretion and at the availability of the rewards, ship your pledge if you contact us and confirm your pledge after the pledge manager has closed.
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  • Rewards returned as “Undeliverable” will be held, and you will be contacted via email to inform you of the return. At our discretion, we may require additional shipping payment if the reward must be reshipped.

Fatum Studio S.L. embraces Solar Power and Zero-Impact Design

We wanted to take advantage of our wonderful geographical location in the Costal del Sol of Malaga in Spain (not to be confused with Costa del Sol from Final Fantasy VII, this is the real one that the designers of that masterpiece were based on ^^) to take advantage of that solar energy and implement it in the company.

We are excited to announce Fatum Studio's commitment to environmental sustainability. We have transitioned to solar energy, utilizing photovoltaic panels to power our operations and reduce our carbon footprint. Simultaneously, our design, layout, and illustration processes prioritize an impact-free approach, ensuring every creative hour is executed with minimal environmental impact.

Long lasting design
We offer great quality cards, with materials of high quality, making them durable. Fatum cards are designed to last.

Sustainable materials
We use a manufacture that is FSC and PEFC certified and we work with FSC and PEFC certified papers.

Green Factories
A factory that utilize energy-saving and environmentally friendly solutions as:
-Gas heat pumps
-Photovoltaic systems using solar energy
-Use of grey water in sanitary installations
-Reusing rainwater and implemented water-saving systems.

Elements of this campaign including artwork, graphic design and logos created for Fatum GM Oracle campaign  are Product Identity of Fatum Studio SL. and are not Open Content.
If you believe that this project is not in compliance with BackerKit’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, you can file a report by sending a message via this link: Report this project