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about 1 month ago

Project Update: Getting real... Relaunch talk

With 48 hour  left and only around 50% funding so far, unless we can double our pledges in under 2 days, it realistically doesn't look like these pins will make funding. 

There were definitely some things we would do differently, and if y'all are willing to stick with us for a relaunch in a week or two after this, we'd like to try again. Fewer pins to start, and a lower goal. We'll let you vote on what to unlock as it progresses, and would like to still honour the free pin for backing our partner's campaign as well if you give us a second try. 🙂 We're working out those logistics with our pin partner already to ensure you can have both free pins if you reback. ✨️🔥

We'll still include a pin board option and the same add-ons, and if we unlock all the designs we'll open up the all-in tier.

Let us know in the comments which three pins you want to see us begin with!
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