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Paragon Tarot Pins

Paragon Tarot Pins

Major arcana tarot pins with a "races of D&D" theme in an art deco stained glass style.
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Pintopia 2024
#Dark Fantasy

This project is part of Pintopia 2024, which runs from March 28th - April 18th 2024. The more Pintopia pins you back, the more FREE pins you can earn ✨ Learn more →


Come Closer...

Ah, greetings, traveller!

I sense you are on a quest for treasure and adventure. Look no further, for I have seen in the cards that your journey through the realms of Dungeons & Dragons will lead you to a most fortuitous discovery - a collection of enchanted pins reflecting the essence of heroes that will guide you on your path to victory. Each pin possesses its own unique magic and will serve as a reminder of your conquests.

So do not hesitate, dear adventurer, for destiny awaits and the future is yours to unravel! Take hold of these precious artifacts and let the fates guide you on your journey.


Draw Your Card

We begin with The Fool.

Human. Former warrior. Happily walking through his fields, gathering his harvest.
He is untroubled, still ready for adventure. A simple life and opportunities still ahead.

Where will his journey lead next?



Read Your Fate

From The Fool, we move on, turning another card, and another.


Strength. The Devil.

Justice. The Sun.

The Emperor. The Hanged Man. The Tower.

The Chariot. The World. The Star.

Temperance. Wheel of Fortune. The Magician.

Each one a paragon of their race, the ideal their people work to achieve.

Embrace these guides, accept the wisdom they impart to shape your future paths.

But beware the Ace of Pentacles - a mimic, lurking in their midst, tempting with treasures, a pinnacle of its own race...


The Details

The tarot pins are 2.5" x 1.45" hard enamel with transparency and gold plating. The clutches are rubber, but can be upgraded to locking backs in the add-on section.

Support more artists, get more free stuff!

In collaboration with Bunni's Boutique, we offer the Ace of Pentacles pin - back both projects at any level, get get one free pin from each of us - so, two free pins! This is the only way to receive the Ace of Pentacles pin unless you back all-in.

The all-in pledge includes all 16 pins, including the Ace of Pentacles, as well as a custom pin board, and Fool's Moon swag such as stickers, patches, and magnets of our mascot Voodoo Dolly and characters from our Keepsakes ttrpg.

The pin board is 9.3" x 11.25", in your choice of maple or ebony wood with a black felt liner (pictured above). It is made in collaboration with the awesome Dragon Woodshop.


Shipping will be charged separately - AFTER THE CAMPAIGN. You will receive a survey from Backerkit approximately 3-4 weeks after the campaign, where you will select your pin designs, and have a second opportunity to pick up more pins as well as tabletop roleplaying games, and items such as dice, plushies, and art. Approximately 12 weeks after the campaign, shipping will be charged, once the pins have physically arrived and we've had the opportunity to grade them and organise the full orders.

We will take all necessary steps to accurately complete customs forms when shipping items internationally. Our team will comply with all of your country's customs and shipping regulations, which includes indicating the package value as the total cost of your order and labeling it as merchandise.

International backers are responsible for any VAT or other fees.


How It Works

When you participate in the campaign, you are given the option to pledge at any of the open pledge levels. You can choose the level that best suits your interests and budget.

It is important to note that your payment method will not be charged until the end of the campaign, which gives you plenty of time to decide whether you want to increase, decrease or even cancel your pledge.

Once the campaign concludes, you will be charged for the cost of your pledge level only (and any add-ons). You don't need to worry about shipping costs until you receive the BackerKit survey, which will be sent to you roughly 3-4 weeks after the campaign ends.

In the survey, you will be asked to choose your designs, pay shipping fees, and add your shipping address. This survey is designed to help the campaign creators to fulfill your order and ensure that you receive the items you pledged for. Add-ons will be charged first upon survey completion.

Shipping will be assessed and charged approximately 12 weeks after the campaign ends, once the pins have arrived and been sorted.

You'll have the option to add extra items, such as stickers, locking metal backs, additional pins, and even Fool's Moon's ttrpgs in the optional add-ons section. It's important to remember that add-ons are entirely optional, so you only need to choose them if you want them.


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