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Hyrax/Ferret/Pigeon | Heated/Weighted Stuffed Animals!

Hyrax/Ferret/Pigeon | Heated/Weighted Stuffed Animals!

How cool will it be to be the first person with a Hyrax Plush? Each one of these stuffed animals are sensory friendly and contain little fidget-friendly features. 95¢ Hyrax Games available for a limited time!
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Hyraxes are silly little animals, but don't have enough plushie representation yet. Together, we can change that! I spent the past few months designing a Hyrax, and want to feature him with some stuffed animals from previous projects I had worked on

I worked with Friends Collection where I've been interviewed/featured by the following organizations-- as a result of our mission to make the softest stuffed animals around. These new plushies will be the same if not even better
Join us in getting into more news organizations!


Adopt a Life Sized Hyrax Stuffed Animal

"Hyraxes --they aren't powerful, but they make their homes among the rocks." -Proverbs 30:26

The Hyrax Stuffed Animal is a new one! If you haven't heard about them yet-- they're an adorable little potato-shaped animal with vampire teeth. And they're somehow related to the African Elephant.

They also have quite a few quirks, such as their strangely long gestation periods, their need to sunbathe constantly, the whiskers covering their whole bodies, and their ability to stare directly at the sun with their specialized eyes.
"The Beast Conquers even the stars" - @the_one_antho_ny

Hyrax Stuffed Animal Features

The Hyrax Stuffed Animal is complete with:
  1. Fidget-friendly beads in his legs
  2. Super Soft stuffing.
  3. Life Size Stuffed Animal

And if you've backed from one of my projects before, you know that I'll throw in some free stickers and goodies as a special thank you to my supporters. What might those stickers be? Check out this Etsy for some examples!

You know you want one :)


Meet Hot Dog Ferret

Hot Dog Ferret is a long boy. He's a wonderful cuddle companion by night, and an unrivaled lap companion by day. Slot a heating pad into his bun and he'll warm up for you. Or, add some weighted beads into his tummy to make him an anxiety buddy. Remember that you can remove these to wash him more effectively! 


  1. SHAPE: Hot Dog Ferret is shaped to be huggable. At 2 feet long, and 1/2 foot tall, he's large, but easy to cuddle. 
  2. HEAT: Hot Dog Ferret has a built-in pocket that can be used to hold a 12"x 15" heating pad. see heating pad warnings.
  3. SOFTNESS: Hot Dog Ferret is made out of the softest stuffing possible! Most companies opt for a cheap, crunchy clumpy stuffing. We use a silky soft stuffing that is far beyond the standard for most manufacturers.
  4. HEALTH: Your new friend wants to help with anxiety, cramps, PTSD, and life transitions. Studies show that stuffed animals can help you a lot in these areas
Hot Dog Ferret can't wait to be your friend <3

Welcome Pigeon Borb!

What's this? This is our new Pigeon Borb!~
Say hi to Pigeon Borb!

He is a cute little Rock Dove Borb, slightly smaller than the Friends Collection Borbs, and using the same ultra-high quality stuffing. He will include a little ball inside of him, same as the older Boba Borb-- and I am very excited to make him for you. 
Pigeon Borb!


  1. SHAPE: A more transportable little Borb!
  2. WEIGHT: the Pigeon Borb will contain a little fidget inside of it, that will be fun to squeeze.
  3. SOFTNESS: Pigeon Borb includes all the key softness and quality features of the Friends Collection Borbs made so far. 

the Hyrax Game

NOTE: Hyrax Game in development. Cover art not finalized.

What is the Hyrax Game? 

    The Hyrax Game is a Roll and Write tabletop game by Blake Propach, featuring art by Michael Kuroda and Elle Marland. Using a few dice, pens, and the included sheets, players search for hyraxes, build communal urine spots, grow leafy greens, and set up reunions to attract more hyraxes. This game can be played repeatedly to improve scores and accommodates any number of players, competing to spot the most hyraxes.

  1. The Base Game includes 4 sheets and small hyrax tokens.
  2. The Deluxe Game includes a pad of sheets, plastic hyrax tokens, 5 custom hyrax dice, and a box.
  3. The Complete Hyrax suite includes the full deluxe game, some bonus stickers, and a Hyrax plush!


Who Are You?

Who are you?

    You are a stuffed animal lover. And you notice those moments when a piece of cheap felt pieces scratch and cuts your skin. Or when you feel bead eyes stuck to the fabric of your plushie. Why waste money on a stuffed animal that you can't cuddle and love?

     Instead, you deserve a stuffed animal that is crafted for YOU. Soft, squishy, loveable, huggable, and warm!

You deserve the best friend. 

  • Softer Than Anything Else! You're getting the softest stuffing possible. So soft, in fact, that the manufacturer of your new friend resisted. Its a stuffing far beyond the standard softness. So squeeze that new plushie! Then proceed squeeze a cheaper plushie to feel the difference.

  • 100% For You. Please email me if you have any questions at all, and I will personally reply. So far, we've gone as far as to hand-sew hats onto replacement Borbs to improve your plushies. 

  •  Sensory Friendly. We will never include hard bits that distract you from a hug. And we will never include felt pieces that can scratch you when you cuddle. 

  • Community Support! We donate proceeds to the Autism Self-Advocacy Network, and volunteer our time working with online plush communities. 

Interested in following along? Join an email list at FriendsCollection or Hyrax.World.

Stretch Goals

Here are some things that we want to make you! 

  1. $4,000 Larger Hyrax, with Heating Pad Slot
  2. $2,000 Sound tag for Pigeon
  3. $4,000 Dove Borb, with sound tag!
  4. $5,000 Stuffed Animals for House Fish Balloon games, such as the Hedgehog, the Fish, and the Chameleon
Once we reach our goal, we will be opening up voting for these various rewards! 

Cross-Collab with House Fish Balloon; FASHION CENTS

House Fish Balloon Presents Fashion Cents:  

Fashion Cents is a modern spin on classic deckbuilding games. 2-5 players take turns expanding their Wardrobe (aka building their deck) as they buy better and more fashionable clothing items from the Storefront. But there's a twist:  Each turn, players must be conscious of which types of clothing they add to their deck, because NO SHOES, NO SHIRT, NO SERVICE!

From the Creators of 

House of Poison, Trickdraw, 1961, and our Hyrax Game. Blake Propach has been a professional game designer since October 2019. 

Cross Collab Rewards

Join both of our Backerkits in late October for surprise bonuses! Most notably, a Plush-themed DLC set of cards for Fashion Cents. 

We're happy to be partnering with House Fish Balloon, who will be launching their project during the tail end of our campaign

Other Add-Ons

Bird Orbs (bORBS)

Some Borbs from Friends Collection
Are you a bird lover, or maybe you just enjoy the thought of very rotund birds with a very chaotic energy? Here are a few bORBs that I have in stock after working with Friends Collection in the past.
  • Mango Borb (Bright yellow budgie)
  • Boba Borb (Boba-themed quail with a little weighted ball inside)
  • Sushi borb (A shima enaga with a salmon sashimi on top)
  • Ice Cream Borb (Autistic-coded bird with fidget topping)
  • Witch Borb (Green witchy conure)

Card Games from HFB

Do you enjoy card games? I've worked with House Fish Balloon as well, and can offer you some card games while we wait for the Fashion Cents Cross-Collab project to form! Game designer Blake Propach (behind titles such as 1961, House of Poison, and Trickdraw), is helping us develop a game for your Hyrax Plush, too. 
  • 1961 Print and Play
  • 1971 Print and Play
  • Hyrax Roll and Write Game
  • Fashion Cents* (available in the cross-collab)


Special Thanks To...

Some awesome people who are supporting us!

Who is helping us with these plushies? Here are some of the first pages that are giving us support (from left to right): 
In addition, we want to thank JoanieRoseSewing, @ExaggeratedBubble, @Sad_summoner, @SnowySalad, @Lei_Doodles, @MangoNino, and @Frankl.Anim for help with animations, emails, art, and other important steps!

Email me at
[email protected] if you have any additions, requests, or suggestions. 
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