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Grimtooth's Old-School Traps for 5E and DCC

Grimtooth's Old-School Traps for 5E and DCC

The original book of old-school RPG traps returns for 5E and DCC RPG! A compendium of catastrophic traps, sinister snares, engines of evil, and deadly devices with with full game stats for a folio of fearful fates.
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Examples of Printed Traps

Let's look at some trap stats! This edition of Grimtooth's Old-School Traps features playable game stats for all 150+ included traps - a first in the history of Grimtooth's publications. We're pleased to show you all some detailed page layouts, so you can see this for yourself!

Here are two PDF previews, one for 5E and one for DCC. They include some true Grimtooth classics: Delvermatic Dicer and Malingerer, Chute and Hammer, Teeter-totter room, Only Time Will Tile - and a few more. 

Astute readers will note that we've kept the infamous skull rating system intact! There are some 4-skull beauts in this preview.

5E PDF Preview

5E preview: Click the link above to download!

DCC PDF Preview

DCC preview: Click the link above to download!


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