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    Create your own Triskelion Variant Card!

    Create your own Triskelion Variant Card!

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    You might be one of the few is already familiar with the game and know how these cards work. Maybe you just have a clever idea and might want to know how the game works fully before coming up with a cool idea that will forever be immortalized in Total Sham. Either way, this add-on is for you! Email your idea to [email protected] and I'll personally work with you on a cool card idea. Come up with a name and a basic idea of what you'd like to see. Unfortunately, I will only be able to add 20 new cards, so submit your card early! Don't worry. If you can't think of anything now or the idea doesn't work out, you can always get a refund.

  • More Total Sham

    More Total Sham

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    If you want an additional copy of the base game to share with a friend, this option is for you at a discounted price!

  • Extra Play Mat

    Extra Play Mat

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    You'll get an additional mat in addition to your pledge level. Goes great with getting that extra copy of the game!