BackerKit FAQ

How does BackerKit crowdfunding work?

Crowdfunding is a collaborative way to bring ideas and projects to life. Project creators post their idea for a project, and backers pledge money to make the project possible. Backers get behind the scenes access and backer-only rewards, which can include exclusive products, special pricing, creative input, content, and more.

To become a backer, select a pledge level that features the reward(s) you would like to receive when the project is successfully completed and make your contribution.

All-or-nothing crowdfunding model: The creator sets a funding goal and a deadline to raise funds. If the project does not meet the goal by the deadline, backers credit cards are not charged and no money changes hands.

Crowdfunding projects can happen at various stages of the creative process. Make sure to check the estimated timeline of when rewards will be delivered. Project creators will keep you updated on the progress toward completion and delivery of your rewards.

Backing a crowdfunding campaign is not the same as purchasing an item from a store. When you back a campaign you are supporting the creation of something new. Rewards are almost always delivered, but are not guaranteed.

When will I be charged for my pledge?

Your payment method will not be charged right away. You will be charged for the amount of your pledge when the campaign ends and the project reaches its funding goal. You will not be charged if the campaign does not reach its funding goal.

What happens after the campaign is over?

The Creator will send out a survey that will ask you for more information about your pledge, your shipping information, additional items you may want to add to your pledge, and collect shipping fees if applicable.

The survey will be sent to the email address we have on file with your pledge.

Any additional payment will be charged when you complete your survey and confirm your order.

Project FAQ

What is roleplaying?

In The Fifth Season Roleplaying Game, you and a group of friends (the players) take on the roles of fictional people (Player Characters or PCs) in a world of The Stillness. One person must be the Game Moderator (GM), who acts like the narrator of a story or the director of a play or movie. The GM sets the scene and describes what happens in the world around your characters. Then the other players decide what their PCs do in response. The GM describes the outcome of those actions, and on you go, spinning your own Fifth Season story. Roleplaying is much like cooperative fan fiction or simulation gaming, where a group of people work together to build a fun and exciting story. Although it’s the GM’s job to portray the various antagonists in the story, as well as the PCs’ allies, the GM isn’t playing against everyone else. In fact, it’s the GM’s job to help ensure everyone has fun and that the group tells an enjoyable story. Think of a roleplaying game like an extended version of the various games of make believe we all played as children, only with rules to help guide the story and a GM to set the stage and keep things moving along. It’s fun, give it a try!

What game system does The Fifth Season RPG use?

The Fifth Season RPG is powered by the Adventure Game Engine (AGE). The game uses a bespoke version of the rules shared by many other Green Ronin RPGs: Blue Rose, Cthulhu Awakens, The Expanse, Fantasy AGE, and Modern AGE. If you’ve played an AGE game before, you already know the basics of how The Fifth Season RPG works.

What dice do I need to play?

You only need three 6-sided dice to play. Every player and the Game Moderator will want their own set. Each should have two dice of one color and a third of a different color. That third die is known as the Drama Die and it has several specific uses in the game, the most fun of which is performing stunts.

How can I increase my pledge for add-ons? 1. Click "view pledge" 2. Scroll down and you should see an "edit your pledge" button. 3. Once you've added whatever additional amount you'd like, you'll have those funds available in the pledge manager after the campaign. Please note that the add-on (such as the GM Kit) will not automatically be added to your cart, so be sure to look carefully at your total before finishing checkout!

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