Pastel Fluffy Frog Plush

Pastel Fluffy Frog Plush

A pastel, fluffy froggy friend for your home!!
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Pastel Fluffy Froggy next to Original Froggy!

Since there's already one Froggy plush out there, I wanted to make sure this design is unique and completely different!  Here's some details about this plush:

-Pastel Fluffy Froggy is made out of a soft polyester material, extra fluffy and soft!!

-The eye and mouth details are all embroidered!  Pink Froggy also has embroidered hearts on their booty!!

-Froggy is 8" inches tall, 8" inches wide, and 4.5" front to back, much larger than their original plush design!

-On their own, Froggy cannot sit upright, but they're perfect for display on a shelf, desktop, bed, or wherever, as long as they can lean against something to help them sit upright!

-Froggy is safety tested!!

-Once completed, all Froggies will have their own tush tags and hand tags!!

yes, they still have lil booties.

a close up on pink's booty hearts!!


Here's a full list of rewards in this campaign!  While the main focus of the campaign is the production of new froggy plushies, there are additional items to purchase, such as pins, stickers, and lanyards!!  Please keep in mind that you will be able to choose the color(s) of your frog(s) after the campaign has ended via survey!  That being said, here's what I have to offer~

Here are the designs for the additional items in this campaign!  Please note these are designs and the final product may be subject to slight changes!!

4 x 6 inch matte vinyl sticker sheet with 6 individual stickers, featuring both green and pink froggy!!

2.5cm lanyard with a lobster clasp!  Please note that this is a mockup!!

2" x 1.25" hard enamel pin with a rose gold finish!


For the first 48 hours of this campaign, every backer will get a completely free Hard Enamel Mini Pin of Froggy!!  This pin is 1" x 0.75"-- very teeny and cute!!


If the plush is EXTREMELY funded, there are many more fun surprises in store~!  Any Froggy color can be picked from any Froggy tier via survey after the campaign has ended, even if they are unlocked after your pledge!!


I'm Allie, but you might know me as grind3h on twitter, instagram, tiktok, youtube or elsewhere!!  For a couple years now, I've been animating my silly little frog character, Froggy!  They used to mostly dance to popular music, but they are now in a weekly short series called "Frog Fact," updated every Friday on twitter, instagram, tiktok, and youtube!  Back in 2020, I launched a Froggy Plush Kickstarter, which found a lot of success, and was able to finally make plush of Froggy in many colors!  Now, after four whole years, I'm back with a brand new Froggy plush!

Here's the shipping rates for froggies!  Please keep in mind these are an estimate based on your location, and final shipping will be calculated exactly after the campaign has ended!!  I will be shipping to the UK/EU for the first time since my last froggy plush campaign!!

All international backers are responsible for their country's additional fees (ex. VAT taxes, import taxes, etc!!).

Additional items may add additional costs to shipping.

The shipping will once again be handled by the amazing White Squirrel!  They're a small shipping company located in Washington who I have worked with for a couple of years now.


Here's a rough estimate as to the production timeline of Pastel Fluffy Froggy Plush!  Please keep in mind delays might happen for any number of reasons, however I will keep backers fully updated every step of the way!  This timeline is a rough estimate!


From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your support of my silly little characters and projects!  Without you, I would never be able to make this happen, and I cannot emphasize how much it means to me.  Truly, thank you so much.

If you enjoy my work here, please feel free to check out my shop and socials!


If you need to contact me for any reason, please email me at [email protected]!!

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