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AuDHD creatures plushies + more!

AuDHD creatures plushies + more!

meet critter, bug, and dash, part of the AuDHD creatures + friends crew! plushies, stickers, pins, charms and more of characters based on colors and symbols associated with a variety of disabilities.
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Hi there! My name is Han, I am a disabled autistic artist and character/plush designer! For three years I have been running my own shop, and over the course of those three years have run three successful kickstarter crowdfunding projects for plush!
critter and bug together!

AuDHD creatures is my fourth project, and centers around characters I created based on colors and symbols associated with a variety of disabilities.

critter, dash, and bug plushies!

AuDHD creatures is a branch of my Colorful Critters character line! Colorful Critters is a character line dedicated to spreading joy, nostalgia, and comfort through the medium of cute and colorful animals! Colorful critters are characters whose purpose is to provide comfort, reassurance, validation, and joy to those it loves and protects! Each colorful creature has a goal to spread joy and happiness and is a protector and advocate for those who love them. They are often themed in ways that help us relate to them, but each creature has enough love in their heart for everyone!!

The first three characters we will be working towards unlocking are Critter the Autism Cat, Bug the ADHD puppy, and Dash the Disability Pride Puppy!
Critter the Autism Cat is a fun loving alien kitty who loves everything and anything about outer space! They hope someday to be able to travel the galaxy! Critter’s design is based on the rainbow infinity symbol associated with autism.
Bug the ADHD Puppy is a studious little creature who is head over heels for his namesake, bugs! They want to learn everything there is to know about every insect that crosses their path. Bug’s design is based on the rainbow butterfly symbol associated with ADHD.

Dash the Disability Pride Puppy loves to go FAST and loves anything to do with speed!! they have a goal to ride every roller coaster they come across :3 Dash’s design is inspired by the Disability Pride Flag created by Ann Magill.

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Be sure to back Sugarbell Pals for a set of free sticker sheets featuring characters from each campaign!

early bird deals!

free vinyl sticker of your choice for backers who back the project in the first 48 hours!

Early Bird backers (those who pledge in the first 48 hours) will get one free 3" vinyl sticker of their choice from the guest artist sticker pack! 

Additionally there are 70 pledge tier spots available for a single plush at the discounted price of $40, as well as 30 pledge tier slots for a combo deal of two plushies!


While I would love to make 5+ plushie designs at once of my own accord, unfortunately the cost is too high for me as a small business to afford outright, which is why I typically opt for crowdfunding when it comes to large scale projects! The way it will work is that as we continue to reach goals, we will unlock more plush designs as we go! Think of it sort of as both an investment and a preorder combined - you are helping fund production for the designs while also securing plushies for yourself!

stretch goals

Stretch goals beyond Dash will be based on backers choice polls!! Here are the available characters to choose from - as we approach a stretch goal I will put up a poll for you to choose who you’d like to see next!!

Tristan The Depression Raccoon: Tristan’s plushie will come with a removable hoodie accessory! He loves cozy video games like animal crossing and stardew valley. There are not many widely used symbols for depression that I could find, so I chose Tristan's colors based on how my depression makes me feel, bruised and cold.

Ash the Anxiety Bunny Moth: Ash’s plushie will have fluffy moth antennae and removable magnetic wings similar to Bug’s plush! They love to visit the home depot lights section when their friends are with them! I chose gray for the main body color because my anxiety personally deals with uncertainty and things out of my control. The green comes from one of the anxiety flags. To add moth features was a suggestion I got that I thought fit very well!! 

Sandy the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Kitty: Sandy is an artist and loves to draw and paint landscapes!Her wings will be attached via magnet, similar to Bug’s wings.The colors of her design are based on the OCD flag created by lucellion.

Melon the Sensory Processing Disorder Opossum: Melon is a silly opossum who has bat wings! Melon’s wings will be attached via magnet, similar to Bug’s wings. the green is representative of being over-responsive, the blue under-responsive.

Jazz the Borderline Personality Disorder Kitty: Jazz is a tortoiseshell kitty that loves to read!! Jazz’s plush will come with a pvc charm of the hand of Eris symbol for you to put on xer collar if you choose! The colors are loosely based on the BPD flag created with community input by ptsdsafe on tumblr.

Kelly the Schizospec Axolotl: Kelly is an axolotl who is studying chemistry and loves science! Kelly’s design is inspired by the Schizospec flag, created with community input and organized by schizosupport on tumblr. They will have a collar tag once again made of PVC featuring the associated double sided arrow symbol.

Em the Bipolar Disorder Chimera: Em is a chimera kitty who has dragon wings and a snake tail! One side of the snake tail is smiling, the other frowning. This takes inspiration from the :): symbol often associated with Bipolar disorder.

Cy the Irritable Bowel Syndrome Otter: Cy is a happy little otter griffin! They love to sculpt and craft and sew! Cy’s color pallet is based on the assortment of medications I take for my own IBS symptoms.

Luca the Dyslexia Fox: Luca is a dancer and loves to perform! Their design and colors are loosely based on the infinity heart+ moon and star symbol that is often found on dyslexia flags.

As each stretch goal is unlocked, I will have on a guest artist to design a sticker of the character that will be available for you to choose from at the end of the campaign, if your selected rewards include a sticker!

add-ons + extras

Stickers will be 3" large and made of vinyl! they will have a variety of finishes including matte, glossy, and holographic! Additional designs will be showcased here as they are finished!

picture of a few of the stickers!

a few more stickers!

Sticker sheet set designed by wheeliescoot! Each sheet will be about 6 x 5 inches large!!

Pins will be about 1.5" large!  Additional designs will be showcased here as they are finished!

Acrylic charms will be between 2"- 2.5" large!  Additional designs will be showcased here as they are finished!

The stickerbook will be A5 size, and is filled with sticker release paper for you to collect stickers on!

The dangle charm is a total of 4" long and features three pieces!

Standees will be between 3"-3.5" tall!  Additional designs will be showcased here as they are finished!


plushie details

Laying floppy plush are about 16 inches long and filled with poly beans in their paws and belly! This makes them a little more weighty than your average plush, though I would not consider them “weighted” but they have a nice heft to them! The laying pose was chosen out of several when I held a poll asking which plush pose was preferred the most. It is ideal for display, cuddling, holding, and playing! They have embroidered details for their eyes, nose, mouth, and toebeans!

woah... they are spinning!!
look! their details!

Critter’s stripes employ applique embroidery, which is a line of embroidery around the fabric to create a clean color area. I will also mention that this method uses a thin layer of fabric stabilizer under the fabric, and can create a crinkle sound when squeezed. The embroidery around the stripes also creates a firmer surface and perceptible ridges when running your hand over them. I know this is a sensory concern for some which is why I wanted to mention it! I have also had fellow neurodivergent friends tell me that they really enjoyed the sensory experience of Critter’s stripes as well, but each person has different sensory needs!

Bug’s wings are attached via magnets! The colors on Bug’s wings are sublimation printed on, and the two parts of the wings are glued together so that they can be compact. I know this may present a sensory concern for some but the wings are completely removable should you want to take them off!

Critter and Bug’s designs include collar charms! To make them more plush compatible I will be having them made of PVC, which creates a soft, colorful charm that isn’t cold to the touch. It will have a small metal clip so you can attach it to the collar. These charms will not be attached to the plush when they arrive, so you will have the choice to decorate yours with it or not!

Dash’s plush is likely the most sensory friendly, with my main concern here being the velcro that is used to make the wheelchair accessory removable. The main yellow strap that wraps around the body has a velcro connection, but if the wheelchair is removed there is no velcro on the main body. The wheelchair is made of plush, with the spokes of the wheels being embroidered, and the wheels glued to the yellow strap.

woa!! they are spinning!!
Plushies will be ATSM tested as well as CPC tested for safety! Most likely there will be a fabric tag attached to one of their back legs as this is required for most safety tests.

how does backerkit work?

If you’ve backed a crowdfunding project before on platforms like Kickstarter, you’ll be familiar with the process! 

To secure a plush/item, you will choose the corresponding Pledge Level that includes the items you would like to get! You can add additional items onto your pledge with Add-ons. 

Backerkit does not charge you for your pledge until the end of the campaign, and only if the funding goal is met! During the duration of the campaign you can adjust your pledge or even cancel it if needs be.

To pledge for one plushie only, for example, you’d go to the “Pledge Levels” tab and select “one laying floppy plush of your choice!”.

After the campaign ends, a survey will be sent out that will allow you to specify which character you want for your plush, as well as which stickers or pins or charms, if you added any of those on previously!


Backerkit does not charge for shipping with the initial pledge - this allows us to give a more accurate shipping cost instead of overcharging or ending up with not enough funds to ship everything out! Here is the shipping table for estimated prices:

Currently, due to the requirement to collect VAT, I cannot ship to the United Kingdom through this platform. After production is over and extras have been counted, I will try to make them available via Etsy so you can order then. You may also pledge using a forwarding service if you would like!! You are welcome to order stickers from anywhere in the world, they will be sent via letter + stamp mail!

IF you are ordering from the EU, please note that you are liable for any VAT that may be charged upon import of the item - additionally they will be marked as ages 14+ "Collectors Items" if being sent to the EU, and there is a chance they may be turned away at customs. I cannot ship to Germany due to their laws regarding required registered packaging.


Plushie prototyping, production, and fulfillment takes quite a while! Sometimes from the start of the campaign to the end of fulfillment it can be up to ten months, but we will aim for sooner than that! I will keep everyone up to date on prototypes, fulfillment, and production as I receive updates myself!


While the majority of funds raised will be going towards production for these plush, should we be able to make a decent profit I’d like to donate some of it!! I have three causes/charities/organizations in mind, but please let me know if you have another suggestion!

Crips for eSims for Gaza: a crowdfunding/fundraiser project organized by the Disability Visibility Project to provide eSims to those in Gaza!

PCRF: The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund is an organization dedicated to providing medical care and relief to children in Palestine and the Middle East!

DREDF: The Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund is an organization dedicated to advocating for those of disabilities of all kinds.

guest artist credits

Eevachu - sticker book + bug sticker

DaisySunDoodles - bug sticker

theaartsz - critter sticker

kayochins - critter sticker

Sylzagoon - critter acrylic charm, dash sticker

dam_creativity - bug standee

shrimplovercat - critter sticker

ursachaoticarts - critter sticker

Woolblossom - AuDHD dangle charm, dash charm

chaiteadraws - bug sticker

- critter and bug stickers

puritears - critter + bug ufo sticker

soyyemilk - critter and bug stickers

boxfulthoughts - bug sticker

Yenzu - critter standee

crittervalley - bug enamel pin

mysillycomics - critter enamel pin

KawaiiKatCo - dash stickers

more pictures + gifs!

shake shake shake!

bug's back paws showcase!

bug's front paws showcase!

critter's tail!

critter's front paws!

critter's back paws!


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