Summer Sweetness Enamel Pin Collection

Summer Sweetness Enamel Pin Collection

A collection of summer themed enamel pins featuring food-based original characters from Honey Herds!
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Hello & Welcome!

Hi there!

Welcome to the Summer Sweetness Enamel Pin Campaign, and Honey Herds' first backerkit campaign! 
Honey Herds is an artist owned and operated small business focused on bringing you creative creatures and designs! 
Most of our characters are food inspired, with adorable pun names to match! 
This campaign is focused around summer themed foods/animals, and even has add-ons that have not yet released online, we wanted to give our backers for this campaign first dibs on even more sweet pins! 

Pintopia 2024

Welcome to Pintopia — a celebration of creativity and collaboration from a diverse group of artists collectively running enamel pin crowdfunding projects from March 28th - April 18th.

Freebie Cross-Collaboration Pins — All 125+ Pintopia creators have paired up with a fellow participant to create two unique pin designs together. If BOTH projects reach their initial funding goal, backers who support BOTH will get the TWO [2] cross-collab pins for FREE! One from each creator. The more pairs of Pintopia creators you support, the more free pins you will earn ✨

You can find my collab partner's project here or by clicking the lil' weenie dog banner below! 


The Pins

Starting with our base goal pins- unlocking at our goal of $550 are the following! 

For this campaign we're also giving backers first dibs on new enamel pins that were previously only available at shows! This will be the first time that these pins will be available for purchase online! They will be available via our store at a later date, however we want to give backers the first opportunity. For this, I've added a bunch of pin designs that you can only find in the add-on section of this campaign. 


We've done so well with this campaign that I'm implementing even more freebies!

So far everyone who pledged will receive the following printed goods:
x2 Vinyl Sticker Sheets (designs in progress!)
x2 Individual Vinyl Stickers (designs in progress!)
x1 Campaign Exclusive Thank You card

But more than just printed goods, everyone will also receive a FREE Mystery Enamel Gastro-Pon Pin!

Each and every pledge will come with a Mystery Gastro-Pon Enamel Pin! 
If you'd like to be able to choose your own Gastro-Pon, please check out our add-ons section for more info! 


We have brand new Add-On Options!

Every pledge will come with a mystery Gastro-Pon Pin, however, if you'd rather not leave it up to chance, we have a "Choose Your Own Gastro-Pon!" add-on that'll allow you to select which snail you'd like in particular. If you select this as an add-on, we'll make sure you won't get a duplicate in your mystery bag!

For the final time- The Cassette Ita Bag will be available at it's pre-order price as an add-on.

The bags have finished production and are on their way to me currently! However, this still takes roughly a month or two. When they get here, I plan on holding any that have been ordered via add-on to ship with the pins once the pins for this campaign arrive. 
This will be the LAST time this Ita Bag will be available for $85. Upon full release of the Ita Bags, the remainders will be available for at a minimum $10 increase. I've also included an option for all of those who would like to receive their Ita Bag as soon as it arrives, this is the "EXTRA SHIPPING" Add-On at the bottom of the list. Instead of holding onto your bag until the pins arrive, you can pay shipping on the bag itself for an extra $8 and get it shipped to you in early June. 
You can find more info about the Ita Bags and what accessories they come with on the add-on page! 

Stretch Goals

If we reach our initial funding goal (fingers crossed!) we also have some enamel pins that will unlock as stretch goals! 
Our stretch goals are as follows: 
RGBee Unlocked at $700!
Nyapolitan Unlocked at $900!
Key Slime Pie Unlocked at $1200!
Strawbeary Shortcake Unlocked at 1500!
Nekomatcha Unlocked at $1800! 
A Free Gastro-Pon Pin For EVERY Backer Unlocked at $2600! 
Ice Cream Bundae Unlocked at $2900! 
Bananatee Pudding Unlocked at $3400! 
A Free Marimoo Pin for EVERY Backer Unlocked at $4100!
Melon Cream Soda Pup (Art in Progress) Unlocked at $4800! 


Shipping Info

Shipping will be $3-6 for pins shipping within the USA, and there won't be an extra shipping charge for ita bags. Canada/Mexico Shipping will be roughly $15-20 for pins shipping. All shipping will be charged post campaign! 

Thank You! <3

Honey Herds wouldn't exist without our lovely supporters, and for that we're extremely grateful! We always try our best to bring you cute, high quality products that'll bring more sweetness into your everyday life!

I always try to include freebies along with my campaigns as an extra thank you to show how much I appreciate you all, so I hope you look forward to all the extra surprises !

Even if you can't support via backing, we'd love if you could share our campaign on social media!

And if this your first time hearing about Honey Herds, please consider giving us a follow on social media!

Thank you again! <3

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