Ocular beasts

Ocular beasts

Strange creatures and mythical fiends inspired by Maltese culture
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London-based Maltese artist and designer returns to the pin world after an extensive collection in 2017!

Get ready to add some excitement to your collection with these stunning pins - featuring some feisty creatures with an iconic eye-motif style:
  1. Two-tailed lizard fiend - inspired by Maltese folklore and real-life examples of Maltese wall lizards.
  2. Plague rat - a sinister creature who might be a friend. There is only one way to find out. 
  3. Multidimensional pony - a cute, chonky, but friendly multidimensional friend.
  4. Midnight dragon - (Mystery collab pin!)

Partnering with Fleur Sciortino from Wanderer's Tome, they have come together to present a sword and sorcery collection inspired by their love for role-playing games and the world of fantasy. 

TECHNICAL SPECS - Pin badge sizes are planned at 25mm -35mm and are hard enamel gun metal plated pins with a sturdy butterfly clutch

Stretch Goals! Now that we have funded its time to share some stretch goals:

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