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14 days ago

Project Update: $46,000!!! Thank you! here's what comes NEXT!

Hey, everybody! Spike here, with a big THANK YOU to everyone who's just made sure Indiginerds gets to happen!

Not only did you secure FIVE pay raises for our contributors, but 75 COPIES of Indiginerds will be donated to Indigenous libraries across the US and Canada! We're so thrilled and proud to be able to have hit that stretch goal, and spread the love a little. And we could have never done it without you.

Your credit/debit cards should have already been charged for your pledge amounts. Please, make sure those charges went through! If they did not, you should have received an email from Backerkit about it saying so; you will have two weeks to attempt to recharge your card, or use a different one. If your pledge still has not come through in the following two weeks, your pledge will be forfeited! The window to resubmit a card number and update a rejected payment method closes November 30th. Please make sure your payment resolves, we want to make sure you get your rewards.

After all the pledges go through, we should have the money drop into the Iron Circus account in another one to two weeks. Then, the REAL work begins! Backerkit updates will go out every one to two months, informing you on the state of Indiginerds. 

As for Backerkit surveys, we will delay sending those out for at least a month. The earliest you can expect them is the end of December, but they will more likely arrive in early January. This is to cut down on customer service tickets, which tend to accrue if we send the surveys out too early. As stated on the crowdfund page, we plan on fulfilling the project (AKA, putting stuff in the mail) sometime next year; specifically, spring of 2024.

For folks who have been asking, you WILL have an opportunity to add extra items to your final pledge during the survey portion of the fulfillment. This includes both Indiginerds backer levels, AND other Iron Circus titles! 

Thank you again, everybody! Y'all are the best. Let's make comics together forever, eh?




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