Indiginerds: Tales From Modern Indigenous Life

Indiginerds: Tales From Modern Indigenous Life

Indiginerds collects work from over a dozen Indigenous artists and writers! From gaming to social media, pirateradio to garagebands, Star Trek to D&D, all the way to missed connections and drama at the pow-wow, Indigenous culture is growing and vibrant!
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Hey there, everybody! We're Iron Circus Comics!

We're the premiere publisher of award-winning, critically-acclaimed graphic novels in the American Midwest—a small-mid house built from the ground up by our founder, C. Spike Trotman. Our mission: to showcase the Strange and Amazing in comics! Our books are off the beaten path, one-of-a-kind, and one thousand percent worth the trip! We hope you'll come along!

The mainstream view of First Nations needs an update! 

Drop your assumptions that Indigenous life is all buckskin and tepees: Indiginerds is here to show it for the vibrant culture it is today!

This all-new anthology is an up-close-and-personal chronicle of the day-to-day life of Indigenous nerds, showing how the pop culture they love influences and interfaces with it all!  From gaming to social media, pirate radio to garage bands, Star Trek to D&D, all the way to missed connections and drama at the pow-wow, Indigenous culture is so much more active and evolving than how it’s usually portrayed. Here's your chance to get the word on how things really are, straight from the source!  Indiginerds is a modern indigenous celebration, and YOU'RE INVITED!

Indiginerds: Tales from Modern Indigenous Life is 6.625 inches × 10.25 inches, and full color throughout! Its 120 pages contain 11 fun, confessional, and exhilarating stories of Indigenous people balancing traditional values and pop culture. Our line-up includes:

All of Indiginerds' creative teams are Indigenous authors and artists. 

The whole book has been organized and put together by Alina Pete, one of the critically-acclaimed editors of the award winning folklore anthology, Woman in the Woods and Other North American Stories. Check out what critics have had to say about Pete's previous effort here at Iron Circus!

“Visually and stylistically exciting and just fascinating to read." — SMASH PAGES

"A unique showcase for some new and up-and-coming Native American talents." — SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

"The stories nicely showcase the rich variety of Indigenous perspectives, cultures, and communities throughout the continent." — BOOKLIST

With that kind of talent at the helm, Indiginerds is sure to be an amazing addition to the comic collection of anyone interested in Indigenous culture!


Ready to back Indiginerds? Check out the pledge levels we have planned!

And as is the case with all Iron Circus crowdfunds? For the FIRST HOUR after launch, we have TWO Early Bird tiers that feature FREE domestic and DISCOUNTED international shipping! Don't delay, pledge ASAP!

$10 gets you a DRM-free PDF ebook of Indiginerds. Read our brand-new anthology on your computer, tablet, or cellphone! This is a digital only reward.

For $20, you can get a physical print copy of Indiginerds. It's a 6.625 inch × 10.25 inch, full-color volume with 11 stories, and extra art in the back! And for the crowdfund only, it will be accompanied by a free DRM-free PDF ebook!

Like all Iron Circus anthologies, overfunding of our initial goal will be poured into our creator bonus system! For every $5,000 over the funding goal we hit, the creators in Indiginerds will get their page rate increased by $5.

The money raised from our campaigns goes to pay our creators FIRST, and other costs second. By supporting us directly, you are ensuring a larger payday for the creators you love!

And now that we've hit goal, we're happy to announce our formal stretch goals!

UNLOCKED $20,000 - ENAMEL PINS. Five high-quality enamel pins, designed by Raven John, Jordanna George, and Alina Pete. These 1.5-inch, hard enamel pins, are struck in silver-colored metal.

$30,000 - IRON ON PATCHES. There will be five separate designs, made by our pals at True Metal Works! We predict they'll be $20 each, or $85 for the full set.

$35,000 – INDIGENOUS LIBRARY DONATIONS! One of the central tenets of Indigenous life is giving back to and supporting our communities, so this stretch goal is very important to all of us involved with this project. That’s why we’ve decided to move it earlier in the stretch goals list, so that we’ll be able to reach it sooner.

When we hit this stretch goal, we will be sending FREE copies of Indiginerds to Indigenous libraries, community centers and schools across the US and Canada. 

This also means that each and every one of you who backs this project will be ensuring that Indigenous youth get to see themselves represented in a positive and healthy way, and that kids who might not normally have access to mainstream libraries still get a copy of this book in their hands!

$40,000 – FANCY COVER UPGRADE: Gloss! Embossing? Holo-foil? The amazing cover drawn by Brit “holoske” Newton would look fabulous with any of the above! We'll add a nice enhancement to the cover of Indiginerds when we hit this stretch goal! What better way to show off our radical Indig or ally selves than with some extra bling?

$50,000 - AN 11" X 17" TREK SPLASH POSTER! Editor/contributor Alina Pete's story "Dorvan V," features a cool splash page. We'll transform it into a poster if we hit $50k! 


Want a sneak-peek of what Indiginerds has to offer? Look no further than below!


This is Iron Circus Comics' thirty-ninth crowdfunding project. Thirty-five of our previous projects have been fulfilled and completed, and the others are currently in process of being fulfilled by White Squirrel. Our crowdfunding fulfillment completion rate is 100%. This ain't our first rodeo!

We're aiming for a SUMMER 2024 fulfillment date for physical rewards. However, due to the current volatility of the global market, we can make no guarantee that rewards will ship by that date. But we'll do our absolute best!

Because of our pre-existing distribution contracts, there is a possibility of seeing these books in stores before receiving your rewards. This is out of our direct control, and we are continuing to work as hard as we can to ensure rewards will be shipped as close to the planned date as possible. Buying ICC books via crowdfund is still the most direct way to benefit our creators!


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BackerKit surveys will be sent once the ebook is ready. Our current estimate for shipping is Spring 2024. Estimates are not guarantees!
  • Video by Alina Pete and Amanda Lafrenias
  • Comic art by the Indiginerds contributors
  • Music from #Uppbeat (free for creators!):

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