Rigsby WI - Volume 1: Foothold

Rigsby WI - Volume 1: Foothold

The first-ever collection of SE Case's celebrated webcomic about the indignity of being a teen in the early 2000s!
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Hi there, everybody! We're Iron Circus Comics!

We were born in 2007, and we're the premiere publisher of award-winning, critically-acclaimed graphic novels in the American Midwest—a small-mid house built from the ground up by our founder, C. Spike Trotman!

Our mission? To showcase the Strange and Amazing in comics! Our books are off the beaten path, one-of-a-kind, and one thousand percent worth the trip! We hope you'll come along!

Welcome to Rigsby, WI!

Being a teenager in small-town America's never been a cakewalk. But, for one kid at least, it sure as hell beats the alternative!

Bethany has finally gotten some much-needed stability since her move to Rigsby, Wisconsin. She's out of the crosshairs of her oppressively disapproving mother, and a like-minded cadre of locals—Jeordie, Erik, and Anna—have made her feel welcome. After all, they're four kids with a lot of experience in knowing how to escape a world that's constantly closing in.

But there's no resisting the inexorable march of time. Prom is coming, and after that, graduation. And before they're forced to contend with either? Beth's mom will dropping by.

Y'know, just to check in.

Rigsby WI began life in 2019 as an independent webcomic, and creator SE Case's vibrant art and ultra-authentic writing have never shied away from the unsanitized experiences and feelings that so often accompany life as a teenager. A dark horse gem in the online comics world for years, and exactly the kinda thing we love to publish, Iron Circus Comics is proud to collect the first volume of Rigsby WI, Foothold, into a 120-page trade paperback! It's full-color, and 6.625 × 10.25 inches. 

But hey, don't just take our word for how great Rigsby is! Wanna see what the are critics saying?

Praise for Rigsby WI and SE Case!

She has a real knack for capturing both the emotionally charged interactions and sheer irreverence of teenagerhood.
Case does a great job with expressions, and I love the various ways her characters change and grow over time.
There's a subtle, tragic irony about entering into the springtime of adulthood in a place with the derelict atmosphere of a permanent autumn. Rigsby is everything sweet, sad, and infuriating about that. It's also funny, perfectly complemented by its textured palettes, and populated by the kinds of troubled, complicated characters who - if you grew up in a certain kind of nowhere town - you'd swear you must have known at some point. I've seldom seen something captured with such lovely and moving genuineness.
RIGSBY, WI is an unflinching, frank, and thoroughly compassionate reflection on life in transition between both youth and adulthood and between the 20th and 21st centuries. Case skillfully explores social class, familial bonds, and trauma through the relatable and completely believable cast of characters.

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For $15, you can get a physical print copy of Rigsby WI - Volume 1: Foothold. It's a 120-page, 6.625" Ă— 10.25", full-color volume! And for the crowdfund only, it will be accompanied by a free PDF ebook edition, too!

For $75, you can get not only the print volume of Rigsby WI - Volume 1: Foothold, and a free PDF ebook, but also a commission for SE Case. This reward is limited to 20 people, so hurry and get yourself one!

We're fully funded! And now we got some cool goodies to unlock!

First off: at $10k, which we are $3000 away from now, a fancier cover with specialized gloss spots will become the default option for this volume.

Both nice to feel with your hands beautiful and look at in the sunlight on a day outside reading, glossy spots on the fancier cover is the first stretch goal we hope to reach in the next week or so!

at $15k, a beautiful poster for your printbook or walls!

Once we reach $15k, a lovely waterfront picture with Beth, Jeordie, and Lou will be the first additional goodie for backers as a thank you! This print will be an 11 x 17 in version, so you can frame and display this within your home or within a print book with other large format prints to share with friends!

At 20k, embroidered patches!

And finally if we hit 20k by the end of the funding, embroidered patches will be the last little goodie attached to the pack for our trip to RIGSBY, WI!

You can pin 'em to your corkboard or iron them to your jacket! This will have a 3.5in diameter and iron on application (though you can sew it if that is your thing too!) These are easy to take along with you to show to anyone you meet what webcomic you think they should start reading đź‘€

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Not familiar with Rigsby WI? Well, you can read the whole thing right here!

No, seriously: Go for it. We're big proponents of try-before-you-buy!

In the meantime, check out some of Foothold below!


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Video by Kel McDonald and Amanda Lafrenais.
Comic art is by SE Case.
Music is "Weezer Me Away Electric Guitar Track with Heavy Chorus" by projectnero.
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