Drinking Quest: Belch of the Wild

Drinking Quest: Belch of the Wild

The perfect blend of Tabletop RPG and Drinking Game!
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Want to check out all six of the previous Drinking Quest games leading up to this one? Here is a free PDF, no strings attached!


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Hello, I'm designer Jason "Anarchy". I came out with the first Drinking Quest game in 2011 and have been making games since! The goal was to make a 50-50 hybrid of RPG and Drinking Game that you could learn and play in the same night. Check out the page below and let me know if you have any questions or comments!

12 different cards featuring random antics around a great big open field.

12 different cards featuring the heroes working tirelessly in a wiener factory.

12 different cards featuring the heroes going fishing.

12 different cards featuring the heroes trying to figure out who the murderer is.

12 different cards featuring anime trope parodies and other random stuff.

12 different cards featuring a regal painted art style.

The MEAD MEEPLE replaces the Bittnerness Coin. The Angry side gives a player 3 swigs, the MORE ANGRY side makes a player chug their whole drink. BEWARE, the player that you give it to could now use it against you next quest!

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Drinking Quest: Six Pack is a fancy compilation box with ALL SIX previous Drinking Quest games!

It features the following games: Drinking Quest: The Original Drinking RPG Drinking Quest: The Yeti Egg Adventure (Formerly Yeddy Vedder’s Yeti Adventure) Drinking Quest: Nectar of the Gods Drinking Quest: Journey into Draught Drinking Quest: Liquor Before Honor Drinking Quest: Old Habits

288 unique cards, 24 total quests,20 Hero Cards, 20 Signature Drink Cards, 12 Oversized "Final Boss" Cards, Pad of Character Sheets, 3 Oversized Dice, Rulebook, Oversized Shop Card, Rulebook and a Cloth Map!





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Europe $14
Australia & New Zealand $22
Rest of the World $25

All 7 Drinking Quest Games

USA $12
Canada $15
United Kingdom $18
Europe $22
Australia & New Zealand $28
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USA $12
Canada $15
United Kingdom $18
Europe $22
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Once the campaign ends in mid-July, we plan to start working with the manufacturer right away. 

Here is how the timeline typically plays out:

- Finalizing files with manufacturer (3 Months)
- Printing (1 Month)
- Freight from China (2 Months)
- And then we'll add one extra buffer month to account for the unexpected

This brings us to Frebruary, 2024 where the game is completed and being shipped out to you! We ship everything ourselves and will start sending them out immediately when we receive the games. We are passionate both about making great games but also shipping things quickly and accurately.

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